New Quinn Ad Touts Newspaper Endorsement Triple Play

A scene from the ad.
A scene from the ad.

That was fast.

Less than half a day after copies of The New York Post shipped out across the city with its reluctant endorsement of her mayoral campaign on the cover, Council Speaker Christine Quinn is out with a new ad touting her support from the city’s three big daily papers.

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Andrew Cuomo Doesn’t Take ‘Nazi Death Ray’ Threat Very Seriously

The New York Observer's art department's take on the issue.
The New York Observer‘s art department’s take on the issue. (Credit: Ed Johnson)

Earlier today, the Daily News revealed that an anti-Muslim plot to deploy a “mobile death ray” included none other than New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Needless to say, the publication–which ran an illustration of Mr. Cuomo being zapped by such a device, and with the caption “Run for your life Andy!”–didn’t appear to take the threat too seriously.

Asked about the plot to kill him using the homemade, radiation-emitting device this morning, Mr. Cuomo seemed similarly amused.

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‘He’s Got Some Balls’: Tabloid Touts Faux Anthony Weiner Cover

The Daily News 'What If.' (Photo: Colin Campbell)
The Daily News’ “What If.”

When former Congressman Anthony Weiner officially launched his mayoral bid yesterday, he took the unprecedented step of releasing an announcement video in the dark of night and only granting phone interviews with the media throughout the day. Some strongly speculated the strategy was designed to dampen the pun-filled tabloid reactions by entering the race after their print deadlines. If so, the plan worked–mostly.

Mr. Weiner was indeed kept off the front pages yesterday and today, but both the New York Post and Daily News managed to slip in some loud sideswipes. The News, in particular, seemed annoyed. On page 12, an insert read, “Here’s one for his scrapbook. Weiner’s midnight declaration prevented him from getting on the front page. Now for a ‘what if’ …”

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The Tabloids Tout Bloomberg’s Times Tirade

Michael Goodwin's column in the Post today.
Michael Goodwin’s column in the Post today.

Yesterday afternoon, Mayor Michael Bloomberg fiercely condemned The New York Times for its lackluster coverage of the shooting death of 17-year-old Alphonza Bryant and its editorials critical of the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy. “Do you think that if a white, 17-year-old prep student from Manhattan had been murdered, The Times would have ignored it?” Mr. Bloomberg sarcastically asked himself. “Me neither.”

Several of The Times competitors took notice.

“Take that, New York Times!” New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin declared in an op-ed piece prominently featuring The Times‘ logo. “And thank you, Bloomy.”

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New York Post Relishes Return of Anthony Weiner


After former Congressman Anthony Weiner revealed his possible return to electoral politics yesterday, one could not help but wonder what pun-filled direction the New York Post would take. After all, during Mr. Weiner’s 2011 scandal, the tabloid simply wallowed in its own innuendos.

Today’s paper didn’t disappoint.

The Post‘s full coverage of Mr. Weiner’s potential mayoral candidacy starts with the cover, which blares “WEINER’S SECOND COMING!” and “Anthony: Erect me Mr. Mayor,” along with one of the sexual pictures that helped force his resignation.

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Anthony Weiner’s Writing Partner Doubts Sandy Op-Ed Is Part of a Political Resurrection

Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty)
Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty)

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner has kept a relatively low profile in the year-and-change since a scandal over lewd Twitter messages led to his resignation, but last week, he took to the pages of the New York Daily News to write an op-ed with Congressman Gregory Meeks highlighting the post-Sandy needs of the Rockaways. Mr. Weiner’s editorial struck many observers as a “step back onto the political stage,” but Mr. Meeks told Politicker he doesn’t think a return to the public eye was part of his ex-colleague’s motivations for writing the editorial. Continue reading “Anthony Weiner’s Writing Partner Doubts Sandy Op-Ed Is Part of a Political Resurrection”