Anthony Weiner Gets Into Verbal Dust-Up in Staten Island

Anthony Weiner in Staten Island today. (Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Anthony Weiner can’t escape his sexting scandal, not even on the southern tip of Staten Island–one of the farther reaches of New York City.

During a press event this afternoon in Tottenville, a local resident directly and repeatedly confronted Mr. Weiner over his escalating controversy, grilling the former congressman and questioning his “moral authority” as more than a dozen cameras clicked away.

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John Liu Wonders What Anthony Weiner Was Thinking

Comptroller John Liu today.
Comptroller John Liu today.

While some rivals want Anthony Weiner to exit the mayor’s race in the wake of his latest cybersex revelations, Comptroller John Liu is not calling for the ex-congressman to drop his bid.

Mr. Liu, however, is apparently quite perplexed by Mr. Weiner’s lewd online behavior.

“With Anthony’s propensity to take pornographic self-portraits, I think that’s a valid issue for voters to consider,” Mr. Liu said today when asked by Politicker if he too wanted the scandal-scarred pol to drop out of the race. “It’s not the issue of the relationships. It’s the issue of, ‘What is he thinking?’ To continue to do that after a relatively spectacular fall from grace …. you think someone would learn.”

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