Rolling Stone Not Edgy Enough for Staten Island Pol

The controversial cover.
The controversial cover.

Assemblyman Joseph Borelli is thoroughly fed up with Rolling Stone‘s new controversial cover featuring “Boston Bomber” Dzhohkar Tsarnaev. In fact, the South Shore official is calling for all of Staten Island’s stores to boycott the issue, which he claims is purely a cry for attention.

“They must think the American people are fools. They knew this would cause people once again to talk about a magazine that hasn’t been edgy since the ‘60s,” Mr. Borelli fumed this afternoon. Continue reading Rolling Stone Not Edgy Enough for Staten Island Pol”

Anthony Weiner Skeptical of ‘HIDE YOUR KIDS!’ Headlines

The New York Post today. (Photo: Newseum)
The New York Post today. (Photo: Newseum)

This morning, the New York Post took a strong jab at Anthony Weiner, running a front-page story on his mayoral campaign’s online internship posting under the headline, “HIDE YOUR KIDS! Sexting king trolls for interns.”

The story itself, which called him “Twitter terror,” bellowed a similar message. “TAKE COVER! Weiner casts net for young aides,” it said of Mr. Weiner, whose political career took a tumble after a 2011 scandal. “Calling all co-eds — sexting king Anthony Weiner wants you!”

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‘He’s Got Some Balls’: Tabloid Touts Faux Anthony Weiner Cover

The Daily News 'What If.' (Photo: Colin Campbell)
The Daily News’ “What If.”

When former Congressman Anthony Weiner officially launched his mayoral bid yesterday, he took the unprecedented step of releasing an announcement video in the dark of night and only granting phone interviews with the media throughout the day. Some strongly speculated the strategy was designed to dampen the pun-filled tabloid reactions by entering the race after their print deadlines. If so, the plan worked–mostly.

Mr. Weiner was indeed kept off the front pages yesterday and today, but both the New York Post and Daily News managed to slip in some loud sideswipes. The News, in particular, seemed annoyed. On page 12, an insert read, “Here’s one for his scrapbook. Weiner’s midnight declaration prevented him from getting on the front page. Now for a ‘what if’ …”

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New York Post Relishes Return of Anthony Weiner


After former Congressman Anthony Weiner revealed his possible return to electoral politics yesterday, one could not help but wonder what pun-filled direction the New York Post would take. After all, during Mr. Weiner’s 2011 scandal, the tabloid simply wallowed in its own innuendos.

Today’s paper didn’t disappoint.

The Post‘s full coverage of Mr. Weiner’s potential mayoral candidacy starts with the cover, which blares “WEINER’S SECOND COMING!” and “Anthony: Erect me Mr. Mayor,” along with one of the sexual pictures that helped force his resignation.

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How the Petraeus Scandal Played Out on the Front Pages of NYC’s Tabloids

The headline writers at New York City’s tabloids are great artisans and sex scandals are often the inspiration for their finest masterpieces. Therefore, it should come as no surprise the ongoing saga over former CIA Director David Petraeus’ affair engulfed an increasing number of outside players, it also yielded a bounty of especially hilarious tabloid headlines. While more staid publications like The New York Times have gone with headlines like “Petraeus Steps Down as CIA Chief, Saying He Had Affair,” this has been the New York Daily News and New York Post’s time to shine.

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