‘Hardly ‘Leaked” NYPD Assessment Warns of ‘Militant Elements’ on May Day

occupynypdmemo Hardly Leaked NYPD Assessment Warns of Militant Elements on May Day
The NYPD's assessment of May Day.

An “open source assessment” of Occupy Wall Street’s planned May Day protest produced by the NYPD SHIELD counterterrorism program warns of possible “militant eletments” among the protesters and a  variety of “disruptive activities” including “vandalism” and “a blockade of New York City bridges, tunnels, and ferries.” This evening, Twitter accounts affiliated with Occupy Wall Street began sending out the assessment, which was identified as “leaked.”

Paul Browne, the NYPD’s chief spokesperson, said the document was “hardly ‘leaked.'”

“This is a summary of stuff the press has reported on all week and that has been disseminated on OWS related sites,” Mr. Browne said. “It was sent on our website used by thousands of security directors for universities, hospitals, corporations, and other employers who are welcome to share it with anyone they want, and who do.” Continue reading “‘Hardly ‘Leaked” NYPD Assessment Warns of ‘Militant Elements’ on May Day”