Johnson Blasts Pro-Business Group As Race for Quinn’s Seat Heats Up

corey johnson fb Johnson Blasts Pro Business Group As Race for Quinns Seat Heats Up
Corey Johnson (Photo: Facebook)

The race to replace term-limited Council Speaker Christine Quinn looks like it’s already well underway. Two of the four likely candidates, local community board chairs Corey Johnson and Brad Hoylman, have already registered campaign committees and Mr. Johnson recently sent out a statement indirectly criticizing Mr. Hoylman over his day job, where he works as the executive vice president and general counsel for the business friendly lobbying group Partnership for New York City.

“Anyone who decides to run for office has a responsibility to tell the voters where they stand on key issues,” Mr. Johnson declared, noting the Partnership’s opposition to the living wage bill passed earlier this week. “This is especially true for a candidate who serves as a paid lobbyist for the 1%. If that candidate can’t – or won’t – answer questions on where he stands on core issues of economic justice, voters have little choice but to assume that he stands against the 99%.”

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Corey Johnson Files for Quinn’s Council Seat [Update]

corey johnson fb Corey Johnson Files for Quinns Council Seat [Update]Corey Johnson, the chair of Community Board 4, has officially registered a campaign committee to run for term-limited Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s seat in 2013.

Mr. Johnson, who is one of the youngest Community Board Chairmen in the city, previously worked as deputy director for programs at GLAAD.

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