John Liu Moves to Block ‘The Cathie Black of Taxis’ [Update]

taxi John Liu Moves to Block The Cathie Black of Taxis [Update]

Comptroller John Liu has vowed to reject New York City’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” contract unless all of the taxis are made handicapped accessible, he announced today. One of the chief powers of the Comptroller’s Office is making recommendations regarding city contracts and his move could, well, handicap the Bloomberg administration’s efforts to move forward with the new taxi design.

“With the Taxi of Tomorrow, Mayor Bloomberg had the opportunity to transform the way New Yorkers get around the city whether they’re on two feet or four wheels,” Assemblyman Micah Kellner, a prominent disability rights advocate, declared in Mr. Liu’s statement. “Sadly, his choice for the Taxi of Tomorrow – the Nissan NV-200 – will be remembered as the Cathie Black of taxis. The Mayor should scrap his contract with Nissan and commit to making every taxi accessible topeople with disabilities.”

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