Antonin Scalia Has a Civil Liberties Debate in Brooklyn

Antonin Scalia. (Photo: Getty)
Antonin Scalia. (Photo: Getty)

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia last night weighed in on some of the most heated civil liberties debates in the country, including the legality of mass surveillance programs.

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Joe Lhota Wants to Bar Non-New Yorkers From Homeless Shelters

Joe Lhota speaking to reporters in Central Park.
Joe Lhota speaking to reporters in Central Park.

Republican mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota wants to stop non-New Yorkers from hogging the city’s shelter beds.

The former deputy mayor and MTA chair said that, if elected, he wants to overhaul the city’s homeless shelter system, calling for an amendment to the state’s constitution, which currently requires the city and state to provide shelter to anyone in need regardless of previous residency.

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Carl Paladino Predicts ‘God-Like’ Andrew Cuomo’s Demise

Republican Carl Paladino on Capital Tonight. (Photo:
Carl Paladino on Capital Tonight. (Photo:

Republican Carl Paladino, who badly lost to Gov. Andrew Cuomo back in 2010, is predicting his former electoral foe will lose his re-election bid next year.

Speaking yesterday on YNN’s Capital Tonight, Mr. Paladino, never known for mincing words, slammed the governor as “self-absorbed” and “egotistical” and declared his gun legislation would be his end.

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Grading the Redistricting Amendment

questionableart1 Grading the Redistricting AmendmentProfessor Gerry Benjamin, an expert on the mechanisms of government at State University of New York at New Paltz, was asked by Citizens’ Committee for an Effective Constitution to take a look at Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature’s much-touted redistricting amendment and grade it point-by-point against what a truly independent amendment would look like.

Unsurprisingly, he found it wanting. He gave the amendment a ‘C-‘ overall on an ‘A’ through ‘F’ scale.

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Albany Announces Casino Deal

casino w Albany Announces Casino Deal
(Photo: Wikimedia)

As the Legislature debates the sudden onslaught of deals and compromises tonight, Governor Andrew Cuomo sent out a press release touting an agreement with the State Assembly and Senate to amend to the New York State Constitution to allow some amount of casino gambling. The deal would provide for a maximum number of seven additional casinos in the state.

“By taking these important first steps to legalize casinos we are finally confronting the reality that while New York is already in the gaming business, we need a real plan to regulate and capitalize on the industry,” Governor Cuomo said in the statement.

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