Joe Lhota

Joe Lhota Promises More Ads Attacking ‘Vacuous’ Bill de Blasio

Joe Lhota
Joe Lhota in Boro Park today.

Enraged by suggestions that his latest campaign ad is divisive and potentially race-baiting, Joe Lhota slammed his front-running opponent in the mayor’s race, Bill de Blasio for comparing his commercial to the infamous “Willie Horton” ad.

“I think this is about Bill de Blasio and his inability to have a vision at all,” Mr. Lhota groused to reporters at a campaign stop in Boro Park today. “What you should do is go look at the Willie Horton ad and then ask yourself why they would make such a ludicrous comparison.” Continue reading “Joe Lhota Promises More Ads Attacking ‘Vacuous’ Bill de Blasio”

Bill Thompson Wants Bill de Blasio to Take Down ‘Lying’ TV Ad

Bill Thompson at One Police Plaza this morning.
Bill Thompson at One Police Plaza this morning.

Bill Thompson wants one of his rival’s newest ads off the air.

Mr. Thompson demanded Public Advocate Bill de Blasio take down a television commercial because it states that Mr. de Blasio is the “only” candidate who will “end a stop-and-frisk era that targets minorities.”

“I think that if you look at Bill saying he’s the only one to end stop-and-frisk, that’s just not true,” an enraged Mr. Thompson told reporters at a press conference outside police headquarters at One Police Plaza. Continue reading “Bill Thompson Wants Bill de Blasio to Take Down ‘Lying’ TV Ad”

Obama Campaign Releases Rebuttal To Romney’s Welfare Ad

barack obama getty Obama Campaign Releases Rebuttal To Romneys Welfare Ad
President Obama (Photo: Getty)

The newest campaign ad for President Barack Obama is a televised rebuttal to a Mitt Romney commercial that accused him of wanting to “gut” welfare reform.

“Seen this?” a narrator says as a shot from the Romney ad appears on the screen.

The Obama ad goes on to feature a New York Times editorial calling the Romney ad “blatantly false” and a Washington Post editorial saying “the Obama administration is not removing” welfare-to-work requirements “at all.” Continue reading “Obama Campaign Releases Rebuttal To Romney’s Welfare Ad”

Listen To Barack Obama Speak Spanish

barackobama1 Listen To Barack Obama Speak Spanish
President Obama

The Obama campaign released a new set of Spanish language television ads today that end with the president giving his standard “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message” spiel en español. While his accent is not perfect, his Spanish is far better than Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s. Continue reading “Listen To Barack Obama Speak Spanish”

President Obama Tries to Remind Us of the Bad Old Days in New Ad

president obama libya future hands its people President Obama Tries to Remind Us of the Bad Old Days in New Ad
President Barack Obama

With his latest campaign ad blitz in the battleground states, President Barack Obama would like to remind you that the economic crisis began before he was in office. His ad, which will air in nine states, articulates what are clearly becoming the main early messages of his reelection bid; the economic recovery may be slow, but it is happening and the Obama administration has made a number of acheivements that make it worth keeping the faith for the many voters who believed in him during the last election.

“In 2008 an economic meltdown, 4.4 million jobs lost, America’s economy spiraling down. All before this president took the oath” a narrator says in between grim news clips from the financial crisis as the ad begins. Continue reading “President Obama Tries to Remind Us of the Bad Old Days in New Ad”

Obama and Romney Spar Over Campaign Commercial

obama campaign ad Obama and Romney Spar Over Campaign Commercial
President Obama has a bone to pick with Mitt Romney's latest commercial. (Getty)

President Obama was not pleased with Mitt Romney’s new campaign commercial. Mr. Romney’s ad featured an out of context clip of a 2008 speech that made it seem as though the President said, “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.” In the 24 hours since Mr. Romney’s attack hit the airwaves President Obama’s aides and Romney campaign staff have been slinging meta-mud about the commercial behind the scenes. “They tried to get away with a blatant deception and got caught,” Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod told Politico.

Continue reading “Obama and Romney Spar Over Campaign Commercial”

Mitt Romney Vows to Make America a 'Job-Creating Machine' [Video]

romney ad Mitt Romney Vows to Make America a 'Job Creating Machine' [Video]
Mitt Romney outlining his blueprint for the "job-creating machine." (YouTube)

Mitt Romney released his first television ad for the upcoming New Hampshire primary last night and it’s a one minute attack on President Obama’s economic policies. In the ad, Mr. Romney promises to “make sure that that American is a job-creating machine” by getting rid of federal government programs.   Continue reading “Mitt Romney Vows to Make America a 'Job-Creating Machine' [Video]”