Charlie Rangel Vows His Win Will Silence The ‘Strange People’ Who Doubted Him

 Charlie Rangel Vows His Win Will Silence The Strange People Who Doubted Him
Charlie Rangel on stage at Sylvia’s.
After 41 years in the House of Representatives, Congressman Charlie Rangel faced the fight of his political life last night and came away with a victory. Mr. Rangel’s 22nd term in Congress was threatened by the changing boundaries and demographics of his district, lingering fallout from a tax and fundraising scandal that saw him censured for ethics violations by his House colleagues in 2010 and health issues that sent the 82-year-old in and out of the hospital for two months earlier this year. In a victory speech made from a makeshift stage set up in front of Sylvia’s restaurant in the heart of his longtime base in Harlem, Mr. Rangel praised his supporters, political allies and family for sticking with him through the difficult campaign. He also had harsh words for the press and the rivals who attempted to end his political career. Continue reading “Charlie Rangel Vows His Win Will Silence The ‘Strange People’ Who Doubted Him”

Lack Of Endorsement Doesn’t Stop Rangel From Using President Obama For Last Minute Appeal To Voters

rangel flyer Lack Of Endorsement Doesnt Stop Rangel From Using President Obama For Last Minute Appeal To Voters
One of Charlie Rangel’s flyers featuring a photo of President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama didn’t give Rep. Charlie Rangel an endorsement in today’s election, but that didn’t stop supporters of the longtime congressman’s re-election bid from peppering Harlem with flyers featuring a huge picture of the president embracing Mr. Rangel as voters headed to the polls. The flyer describes Mr. Rangel as “a key leader in passing Obama’s healthcare law.” Continue reading “Lack Of Endorsement Doesn’t Stop Rangel From Using President Obama For Last Minute Appeal To Voters”

Charlie Rangel Says The Thought Of Losing An Election ‘Never Reaches That Mental Level’ For Him

rangel voting Charlie Rangel Says The Thought Of Losing An Election Never Reaches That Mental Level For Him
Charlie Rangel preparing to cast a ballot for himself in Harlem. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

Charlie Rangel went to vote at P.S. 175 in Harlem this morning and, in a brief press conference afterward, the longtime congressman was dismissive of his opponents, the media and the entire possibility he might lose. Today’s race is seen as potentially the toughest of the congressman’s over forty years in office thanks to the changing demographics of his district. However, Mr. Rangel first replied with a joke when a reporter asked what he’d do if he loses.

“Well, if I lose tonight, I will sleep just like a baby and cry myself to sleep,” he said with a smile.

After a few laughs, the Congressman followed up to say he doesn’t think about losing at all.

“No, no,” said Mr. Rangel. “If you have the spirit that’s necessary to overcome these political obstacles and if you’re fortunate enough to know that they’re not obstacles that you can’t overcome, than the whole attitude, ‘What do I do if I lose?’ never reaches that mental level. It really doesn’t. I would find some way to tell you if I thought it did.” Continue reading “Charlie Rangel Says The Thought Of Losing An Election ‘Never Reaches That Mental Level’ For Him”

Clyde Williams Thinks It’s A Mistake To Assume He’ll Finish Third

clyde williams clyde2012 Clyde Williams Thinks Its A Mistake To Assume Hell Finish Third
Clyde Williams (photo:

Despite strong fundraising numbers, a well-organized campaign and his experience working in national politics, former DNC political director Clyde Williams is generally seen by insiders as a likely third place finisher behind State Senator Adriano Espaillat and Rep. Charlie Rangel in the race for Upper Manhattan’s newly redrawn 13th congressional district. However, Mr. Williams told The Politicker he’s confident about his chances when we caught up with him last night as he met with voters in rapper Doug E. Fresh’s Harlem restaurant, Doug E.’s Chicken & Waffles.

“I feel very good,” Mr. Williams said. “I don’t particularly say I know exactly what the breakdown is going to be, but based on what we’ve done, our own analysis, we feel good about where we are. We know where our voters are, we plan on getting them to the polls.” Continue reading “Clyde Williams Thinks It’s A Mistake To Assume He’ll Finish Third”

Adriano Espaillat On Turnout, And Charlie Rangel’s ‘Fake’ Petitions

adriano espaillat headshot Adriano Espaillat On Turnout, And Charlie Rangels Fake Petitions
Adriano Espaillat

With tomorrow’s Democratic congressional primary approaching, State Senator Adriano Espaillat hit the streets near 168th Street and Broadway in Washington Heights to encourage voters to support him in his race to unseat veteran Congressman Charlie Rangel. Several reporters tagged along and Mr. Espaillat addressed Mr. Rangel’s accusation he’s circulating petitions to run for re-election to the State Senate if his congressional bid is unsuccessful.

Mr. Espaillat claimed he wasn’t making any effort to circulate petitions. He also said he didn’t know of anyone else petitioning on his behalf. Mr. Rangel brandished physical copies of alleged ballot petitions for Mr. Espaillat at their NY1 debate earlier this month, but Mr. Espaillat implied those documents were fakes.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen anything,” Mr. Espaillat said of the alleged petitions. “Congressman Rangel whipped one out that looked like a fake subpoena. He wants to have people distracted.” Continue reading “Adriano Espaillat On Turnout, And Charlie Rangel’s ‘Fake’ Petitions”

Charlie Rangel Really Doesn’t Like Super PACs From Texas

charlie rangel hw Charlie Rangel Really Doesnt Like Super PACs From Texas
Charlie Rangel (Photo: Hunter Walker)

Congressman Charlie Rangel has steadily been making the Campaign for Primary Accountability super PAC’s support for one of his opponents, State Senator Adriano Espaillat, an issue throughout his reelection campaign. “Right-wingers from Texas are trying to stop him,” one of his campaign mailers declared, for example. However, that super PAC — despite promising to spend “six figures” — never even bothered to spend as much as $10,000.

But in the modern era of super PACs, there’s always another. In a campaign email to supporters entitled “Houston, We Have a Problem,” the incumbent congressman lamented the existence of a different Super PAC supporting another one of his Democratic opponents, Clyde Williams.

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Espaillat and Rangel Beef Big During Debate While Williams Scoffs

espaillat rangel ny1 Espaillat and Rangel Beef Big During Debate While Williams Scoffs“My campaign is not circulating petitions for any other office, I’m running to win on June 26th and that’s the end of it,” State Senator Adriano Espaillat said in response to the first question on Inside City Hall last night, inquiring whether he is trying to get onto the ballot to run for reelection while waging a congressional campaign. “I have not instructed anybody nor have I authorized anybody to circulate petitions for any office whatsoever.”

“I’m advising people not to sign any petitions with my name on it,” he added when the host, Errol Louis, pressed him on it, causing Mr. Louis to label his answer as “very clear.”

However, that was by far not the last time viewers of the debate heard of the charge, as Mr. Espaillat is seeking to unseat veteran Congressman Charlie Rangel, who continuously brought it up in subsequent questions.

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