‘Give It a Chance to Work’: Bloomberg Defends Obamacare After Glitches

Barack Obama defending the health care reform roll-out earlier today. (Photo: Getty)
Barack Obama defending the health care reform roll-out earlier today. (Photo: Getty)

The rocky launch of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law may be generating front-page headlines and criticisms from all corners, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks everyone should wait before judging.

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Mayor Bloomberg on CityTime: ‘We Were Lucky Because of the Fraud’

Mayor Bloomberg. (Photo: Getty)
Mayor Bloomberg. (Photo: Getty)

New York City is lucky it got ripped off hundreds of millions of dollars in the CityTime scandal, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said this morning.

Mr. Bloomberg’s argument was that because the fraudsters agreed to pay the city back $500 million after being hounded by federal prosecutors and the city’s Department of Investigation, the project of modernizing the municipal payroll system ended up being a bargain.

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Mayoral Candidates Weigh in on Tech Expansion: John Catsimatidis

Mayor Bloomberg has been a vocal advocate of moving New York City toward the center of the tech world, but with the end of his third term approaching, the future of his vision is in jeopardy, especially where it concerns broadband technology. Throughout the day, Wired City will be publishing a series of interviews with several of this year’s crop of mayoral candidates, asking each where he or she stands on issues regarding broadband and how best to upgrade the city’s aging infrastructure.
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Morning Read: Thompson Challenges Kelly; Hayworth’s Bind; Mitt and Rick Together

Bill Thompson has a message for Ray Kelly: Are you in or out?

Nan Hayworth is in a trick spot: she is a surrounded by conservative Tea Party freshman, but she has an openly gay son.

New bribery charges were filed against Joe Bruno. 

82-year-old Louise Slaughter faces a challenge like never before: a newly drawn, more conservative district; a long recovery from a broken leg; and a well-liked challenger in Maggie Brooks.

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Morning Read: An Extraordinary Day In Albany

Governor Cuomo called legislators into Extraordinary Session to vote on the tax and jobs plan announced yesterday.

The tax plan will save families an average of $300-$400 a year.

Albany power broker Fred Dicker called Governor Cuomo’s political maneuvering on the tax plan a “dazzling display of political jujitsu.”

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Bloomberg Wants $600 M. Refund From CityTime Contractor

Mayor Bloomberg is requesting a $600 million refund from the company overseeing the CityTime project.

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John Liu Pushes Back on ‘Meddling’ Claim

johncliu John Liu Pushes Back on Meddling ClaimAccording to a report in today’s Times, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara sent a letter to City Comptroller John Liu urging him to back-off making public statements or meddling with their probe of the investigation into CityTime, the Bloomberg administration’s troubled automatic payroll project.

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