David Koch’s Ex: ‘I Was Just One of Many Girls’

david julia koch David Kochs Ex: I Was Just One of Many Girls
David Koch and his wife, Julia, at the 2011 Metropolitan Opera Season Opening Night. (Photo: Getty)

David Koch, the billionaire conservative fundraiser who has become known as the “Tea Party’s wallet,” “liked having a lot of women around” in his younger days. However, he didn’t discuss politics with his many girlfriends, preferring to keep those conversations among his male buddies. Cindy Farkas Glanzrock told The Politicker she dated Mr. Koch in the late eighties and has remained an acquaintance of the infamous Tea Party backer ever since.

“I was just one of many girls that he had dates with. It wasn’t anything serious, it was just all lighthearted and fun, and dinners, and shows and things,” Ms. Glanzrock said. “He liked having a lot of women around.” Continue reading “David Koch’s Ex: ‘I Was Just One of Many Girls’”