Harlem’s Political Power Lunchers Remember Sylvia Woods

149239175 Harlems Political Power Lunchers Remember Sylvia Woods
Reverend Al Sharpton eulogizing Sylvia Woods at Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon. (Photo: Getty)

Harlem restaurateur Sylvia Woods was a legendary chef, but she was also a key figure in the Uptown political scene. At her funeral service at Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon today, many of the high-powered regulars from Woods’ eponymous restaurant showed up to share their remembrances and pay tribute to Woods as a pioneering African-American businesswoman, an ally in the civil rights struggle and, of course, a superb chef.

“Every protest, every movement, every plan, every law started with a breakfast, or lunch or a dinner at Sylvia’s,” former Governor David Paterson explained. Continue reading “Harlem’s Political Power Lunchers Remember Sylvia Woods”

Tish James Says KKK Comment Was Made ‘In Jest’

 Tish James Says KKK Comment Was Made In Jest
Tish James (Photo: NYC Council)

Last Friday, Gay City News reporter Andy Humm printed a column accusing Councilwoman and likely candidate for Public Advocate Tish James of defending “KKK access to schools.” The story was based on a testy exchange about the controversy over whether churches should be allowed to hold worship services in public schools when class is not in session that took place between Ms. James and Ms. Humm after a public forum on stop-and-frisk at the LGBT Community Center where both were speaking. Ms. James, who supports allowing religious organizations access to school buildings, gave her side of the story to The Politicker and clarified her position on the controversial issue.

“The comment was made in jest, and apparently, it was taken very seriously by a reporter who obviously was very disappointed in my position regarding allowing access to organizations of faith, who have used and want to continue to use public schools on days that schools are closed,” Ms. James said.

Mr. Humm’s story, which was subsequently picked up by other media outlets, quoted Ms. James as saying the Klan is “entitled to equal access.” Ms. James, who said she knows Mr. Humm, described her interaction with Mr. Humm as a conversation that devolved into a “shouting match” and said she made the remark in an attempt to end the argument: Continue reading “Tish James Says KKK Comment Was Made ‘In Jest’”

Nelson Castro Urges Lawmakers To Stop Ban On Churches Renting School Space

 Nelson Castro Urges Lawmakers To Stop Ban On Churches Renting School Space
Assemblyman Nelson Castro (Photo: Facebook)

Assemblyman Nelson Castro sent out a statement yesterday evening urging fellow legislators to support his bill to allow the use of public school buildings for religious meetings and worship. As of February 12, religious organizations will be barred from using school property in New York City. Mr. Castro, who represents the 86th District in The Bronx, described this decision as “discriminatory.”

“This issue is particularly affecting my district and my constituents. It is my responsibility to protect my community,” Mr. Castro said. Continue reading “Nelson Castro Urges Lawmakers To Stop Ban On Churches Renting School Space”