Marty Markowitz Has a Christmas Song

Borough President Marty Markowitz speaking in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall's Christmas tree.
Borough President Marty Markowitz speaking in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall’s Christmas tree.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is just a week away from his departure, but he has one last Christmas message for the Borough of Kings.

Here, in full, is Mr. Markowitz’s new Christmas song, a Brooklyn-themed version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” (We’re told Mr. Markowitz’s communications director, Stefan Ringel, crafted this gem.)

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Poll Shows Almost Half of Americans Believe There Is a ‘War on Christmas’

A Christmas decoration on display in England. (Photo: Getty)
A Christmas decoration on display in England. (Photo: Getty)

Watch out Santa. A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows 47 percent of Americans believe there is a “War on Christmas.” For years conservative pundits, particularly Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, have argued that secularization efforts including encouraging generic “holiday” celebrations rather than Christmas festivities amount to an assault on the Christian holiday. Continue reading “Poll Shows Almost Half of Americans Believe There Is a ‘War on Christmas’”

Brooklyn’s Democratic Establishment Celebrates Their Best Christmas Ever

“Our Democratic Party, all I can tell you is, it went from darkness to light. It’s the best way to put it,” Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said last night as he stood before $300,000 of Christmas lights and animatronics. “And the wisdom prevailed and guess who becomes the head of one of the largest Democratic Parties in the United States of America? Our own, Frank Seddio.”

Mr. Markowitz, of course, was referring to Mr. Seddio’s ascendancy in the Kings County Democratic Party after sexual harassment allegations destroyed Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s ability to hold onto the reins of power. Now, Mr. Seddio’s annual holiday party, entitled Canarsie Christmas, is the place to be for Brooklyn pols seeking the formal backing of the borough’s Democratic establishment, as well as anyone who enjoys gigantic Christmas displays.

“Thank you for keeping this tradition done every year,” Mr. Markowitz added. “Not only is it great for those that celebrate Christmas, but a lot of us that celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas because of Frank Seddio! Happy holidays! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy–merry Christmas! Happy every holiday we celebrate in Brooklyn and then some!”

Although the rain dampened the crowd, a number of other elected officials made the trek to praise Mr. Seddio, who was dressed in a Santa costume complete with a hat encircled with blinking Christmas lights. The list of politicians in attendance included State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli making his inaugural pilgrimage to the event, likely candidates for the Brooklyn borough presidency Councilman Domenic Recchia and State Senator Eric Adams, and Councilwoman Tish James, who’s campaigning citywide for public advocate. There were also at least two mayoral counters, former Comptroller Bill Thompson and current Comptroller John Liu.

“Even when he was a nobody he used to come here,” Mr. Seddio fondly said in his introduction of Mr. Thompson, probably the favored candidate of Brooklyn’s political establishment. “It’s my hope that God gives him all of the wishes that he has.”

“Thank you Frank. If it’s wrapped up in my tree, it means I’ll be the next mayor of the City of New York,” Mr. Thompson responded as he took the stage. “Look, let me just say to everybody, the Seddio tradition–not just in Canarsie, all across of New York–people from all over the city come here during the holiday season. It makes it just a little bit more special.”

Click through the slideshow above to see pictures of Mr. Seddio’s spectacular holiday festival of lights and animatronics.

A Very Cuomo Christmas

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee's stockings hung with care. (Photo: Twitter)
Governor Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee’s stockings hung with care. (Photo: Twitter)

Late Tuesday night, Andrew Cuomo’s girlfriend, celebrity chef Sandra Lee, set the internet abuzz when she tweeted a photo of an ornate Christmas tree at the home she shares with the governor in Westchester. However, that tree, which came complete with a silver-plated tiger statue that cost up to $4,432.80, was just the beginning. Ms. Lee made another post last night indicating she decorated six other trees in their home.

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Governor Cuomo’s Magnificent Christmas Tree

Sandra Lee's Christmas tree. (Photo: Twitter)
Sandra Lee’s Christmas tree. (Photo: Twitter)

Sandra Lee, the cooking show host and girlfriend of Andrew Cuomo, just posted a picture of the Christmas tree in the Westchester home she shares with the governor on Twitter.

“Merry Christmas! Our tree just went up! So exciting. Happy holidays,” Ms. Lee wrote.

Ms. Lee was not exaggerating. The tree is indeed quite an exciting sight. It’s an epic all-white model featuring internal lighting and, most impressively, a massive silver tiger at it’s base.

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Celebrate 'ChrisKwanUkah' With Jumaane Williams

 Celebrate 'ChrisKwanUkah' With Jumaane Williams
Councilman Jumaane Williams (Photo: Facebook)

For his upcoming holiday party, Councilman Jumaane Williams made sure to cover all the bases. Councilman Williams’ billed the fete as a “ChrisKwanUkah Holiday Party” honoring all three major seasonal celebratory occasions. Continue reading “Celebrate 'ChrisKwanUkah' With Jumaane Williams”

Morning Read: An Extraordinary Day In Albany

Governor Cuomo called legislators into Extraordinary Session to vote on the tax and jobs plan announced yesterday.

The tax plan will save families an average of $300-$400 a year.

Albany power broker Fred Dicker called Governor Cuomo’s political maneuvering on the tax plan a “dazzling display of political jujitsu.”

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