Mayor Bloomberg Guides Successor With New Post-Sandy Plan

Mayor Michael Bloomberg outlining his plans to protect New York.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg outlining his plans to make the city more resilient to future storms.

He may not be seeking a fourth term, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg will nonetheless have an outsized influence in the coming years on City Hall.

With just 203 days left of his administration, Mr. Bloomberg unveiled a far-ranging, 250-plus-point plan to harden the city against future storms like Hurricane Sandy, dumping a massive–and hugely expensive–$19.5 billion to-do list on his successor’s lap.

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After Audit, Bloomberg Defends Port Authority’s Rush to Build 9/11 Museum And Memorial

michael bloomberg1 300x200 After Audit, Bloomberg Defends Port Authoritys Rush to Build 9/11 Museum And Memorial
Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the push to open the September 11 Memorial and Museum by the tenth anniversary of the attacks after Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie released an audit citing the drive to open the facility by the historic date as a major factor behind $3.8 billion in cost overruns at the Ground Zero construction site.

“I dont know where those numbers come from,” Mayor Bloomberg said at a press conference yesterday. “Could you imagine if America couldn’t have come up with a memorial by the tenth anniversary? I would suggest the press would have had a field day. It would have gone on and on. It would have been embarrassment around the world.” Continue reading “After Audit, Bloomberg Defends Port Authority’s Rush to Build 9/11 Museum And Memorial”

Chris Ward for Mayor? He’s Got the Authority, But Does He Have the Support

chris ward 1010 lg e1318363708102 Chris Ward for Mayor? Hes Got the Authority, But Does He Have the Support
"I could get used to this." (Esquire)

By the end of the month, Chris Ward, the executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, will be out of  a job. Some of his aides and allies—and even possibly the big man himself—think they have a good position lined up for The Man Who Saved Ground Zero: mayor of New York City.

“Mayor Bloomberg has changed the public perception of what it means to be mayor, and that is a good and a bad thing” one Ward aide involved in the recruitment efforts told The Politicker. “People think this is a job for someone outside of politics. Chris kind of fits that bill. He is a chief executive, and chief executive of a huge municipality. Do we want to revert to form after we’ve broken the mold?”

While most of the pressure has come from those in Mr. Ward’s orbit and a few outsiders (call them the Wardens!), the lumbering, loquacious life-long civil servant would not pass up Gracie Mansion if the opportunity presented itself. Over the past few months, since things started to go south at the Port Authority under deteriorating relations with Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mr. Ward has been saying in private that he would not mind running for political office, in particular mayor, according to a person present for some of those conversations.

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Roundup: Fiction by a Bloomberg, Theories by Breitbart

georgina book Roundup: Fiction by a Bloomberg, Theories by Breitbart
Georgina Bloomberg's book

2012: No 2012 contender “ever served in uniform.” [Clyde Haberman / NY Times]

2012: Palin meets Trump in NYC. [Michael Falcone / ABC News]

2012: Palin to visit Statue of LIberty and Ellis Island, by bus. [Brian Thompson / NBC New York]

Conspiracy Theories: Weiner following “quite young girls” on Twitter, says Andrew Breitbart. [Washupeacecoalition / Youtube]

Lessons: MSM mesmerized by stories about new media. [Alex Altman / Time]

Redistricting: It won’t be easy, says Rep. Tonko. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Real Fiction: Mayor’s daughter writes a book; mirrors the life she knows; first of two-book deal with Bloomsbury; her father read it. [Julie Bosman and Michael Barbaro / NY Times]

Real Fiction: Georgina Bloomberg is like her character, Thomasina Aaronson. [Ray Gustini / The Atlantic]

Staffing Cuomo: The case for keeping Chris Ward at Port Authority. [Noah Kazis / Streetsblog]

Crime: Stringer alerts residents of man assaulting elderly Manhattan residents. [NY Times]