Staten Island Is Pissed at Chris Matthews

chris matthews getty Staten Island Is Pissed at Chris Matthews
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Hardball host Chris Matthews is facing the wrath of Staten Islanders affected by Hurricane Sandy after he said he was glad the storm occurred on the air.

During his election night wrap-up on Tuesday, Mr. Matthews said it was “a good day for America,” and added, “I’m so glad we had that storm last week.” After Rachel Maddow, who was seated next to him, gave an audible “ooh,” at his choice of words, Mr. Matthews countered, “No, politically, I should say–not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.”

According to the Staten Island Advance, Mr. Matthews’ remarks didn’t go over very well with New York City’s least-populated borough, which suffered a majority of Hurricane Sandy’s fatalities in the city.

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Sarah Palin Invokes Governor Cuomo and Eskimos to Deflect From ‘Shuck and Jive’ Controversy

131297836 Sarah Palin Invokes Governor Cuomo and Eskimos to Deflect From Shuck and Jive Controversy
Sarah Palin (Photo: Getty)

Former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin sparked a controversy yesterday when she posted a note on her Facebook page accusing President Barack Obama of engaging in a “shuck and jive shtick” with “lies” about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya last month. The term “shuck and jive” originated in the Deep South and has been used as a derogatory description of African-Americans. After Ms. Palin faced accusations her use of the phrase was racist, she fired back with another Facebook note that pointed to past uses of the term by Governor Andrew Cuomo, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

“For the record, there was nothing remotely racist in my use of the phrase ‘shuck and jive’–a phrase which many people have used, including Chris Matthews, Andrew Cuomo, and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to name a few off the top of my head,” Ms. Palin wrote. “In fact, Andrew Cuomo also used the phrase in reference to Barack Obama, and the fact that Mr. Cuomo and I used the phrase in relation to President Obama signifies nothing out of the ordinary.” Continue reading “Sarah Palin Invokes Governor Cuomo and Eskimos to Deflect From ‘Shuck and Jive’ Controversy”

Daily Caller Identifies America’s Most ‘Punchable’ Journalists

 Daily Caller Identifies Americas Most Punchable Journalists Daily Caller Entertainment Editor Taylor Bigler apparently wants to punch several other members of the media. This afternoon, Ms. Bigler created a slideshow of the “Top 10 most punchable faces in media.” The slideshow was pegged to MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell’s response to Tagg Romney’s comment that he wanted to “take a swing at” President Barack Obama in which Mr. O’Donnell challenged Mr. Romney to “take a swing at me.”

“In light these feeble threats of physical violence [sic], we got to thinking about the 10 most punchable faces in the media,” Ms. Bigler wrote.


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Chris Matthews on David Weprin: 'I'm Impressed' [Video]

Chris Matthews had some pretty kind words for David Weprin, near the end of this nine-and-a-half minute Hardball segment from way back September 2007.

“I’m impressed, sir,” he said. “I’m sure you’re going to go places in New York politics.”

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Chris Matthews Wonders: Gillibrand for Governor? [Video]

gillibgrandhochulhardball1 Chris Matthews Wonders: Gillibrand for Governor? [Video]Senator Kirsten Gillibrand appeared on Hardball last night with her new best friend in Washington, Kathy Hochul, to talk about getting more women elected to office.

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‘Entertainers Posing as Journalists’

jd buzz60 Entertainers Posing as Journalists
Jay DeDaper, of

Jay DeDapper, adjunct professor of journalism at CUNY and contributor to Buzz, says,”If you ever get into the argument with somebody that prime time cable ‘news hosts’ are actual reporters, just show them this clip from Chris Matthews.”

According to DeDapper, Matthews is not interested in interviewing any of the leading GOP 2012 candidates “because they’re boring.” It is, according to DeDapper, “a perfect example of why prime-time cable ‘news’ is anything but. A wasteland populated by entertainers posing as journalists. And they’re not even that entertaining….”

Here’s what Matthews told his audience last night:

“I don’t want an interview with any of these guys. Let me tell you something. I don’t think any one of them excites the Tea Party People.”

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