Paul Ryan Calls Obama China’s ‘Doorman’ ‘Doormat’

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Paul Ryan (Photo: Getty)

The latest campaign controversy to rock this election’s 24-second news cycle came after Reuters campaign correspondent Sam Youngman wrote on Twitter that Paul Ryan “said that even though potus said he would crack down on China ‘they’re treating him like a doorman'” at an event in Ohio. The quote was also picked up by Politico’s Juana Summers, however it quickly became clear that Mr. Ryan actually called President Barack Obama China’s “doormat,” a phrase which, while still insulting, is far less racially charged. Continue reading “Paul Ryan Calls Obama China’s ‘Doorman’ ‘Doormat’”

Ann Coulter Responds To Furor Over Her Blind Man Joke By Making More Blind Man Jokes

138691011 Ann Coulter Responds To Furor Over Her Blind Man Joke By Making More Blind Man Jokes
Ann Coulter (Photo: Getty)
Conservative commentator Ann Coulter caused an uproar this afternoon after she posted a Tweet mocking Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng for his blindness, but she has no regrets. Ms. Coulter told The Politicker she thinks the Tweet was funny and she’s surprised people were offended on behalf of the blind rather than mad at her for being insensitive to the plight of people living in China.

“Wow.  I felt worse about making light of communist hellholes known for slaughtering their own people, but it still made me laugh,” Ms. Coulter said when we asked her about the controversy.

She also shared another bit of blindness-based humor with us.

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Ann Coulter Mocks Chinese Activist’s Blindness

if democrats cover photo copy  Ann Coulter Mocks Chinese Activists Blindness
Ann Coulter (Photo: Twitter)

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter knows how we should have solved the tricky situation with blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng.

“Couldn’t we just tell that blind Chinese dissident that he’s in America now?” Ms. Coulter wrote on Twitter. Continue reading “Ann Coulter Mocks Chinese Activist’s Blindness”

Chinese Dissident Escapes By Studying Abroad

143813392 Chinese Dissident Escapes By Studying Abroad
Chen Guangcheng (Photo: Getty)

Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese activist who wanted to hitch a ride out of Beijing on Hillary Clinton’s plane, is college bound. The State Department struck a deal with the Chinese foreign ministry to have Mr. Chen come to America for a university fellowship.

“If he wants to study abroad, he can apply through normal channels to the relevant departments, according to the law, just like any other Chinese citizen,” a Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman said in a statement.

Soon after, the State Department announced a deal for Mr. Chen to come study at an as-yet-unnamed university and said the Chinese government agreed to accept his study abroad application.  Continue reading “Chinese Dissident Escapes By Studying Abroad”

Chinese Activist Wants To Hitch a Ride With Hillary Clinton

83869859 Chinese Activist Wants To Hitch a Ride With Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton (Photo: Getty)

Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese activist who made a daring escape from the home where he was living under armed guard late last month wants Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to fly him to America. Mr. Guangcheng, who is currently in a Beijing hospital recovering from a broken foot he sustained during his late night dash, asked for Ms. Clinton’s help in an interview with the Daily Beast.

“My fervent hope is that it would be possible for me and my family to leave for the U.S. on Hillary Clinton’s plane,” Mr. Guangcheng said. Continue reading “Chinese Activist Wants To Hitch a Ride With Hillary Clinton”

Roundup: Stalking Governor Cuomo; Will Obama and Hillary Join Forces?

Governor Cuomo’s trip to the North Country included coffee runs and a Price Chopper shopping spree.

Former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich predicts an Obama/Clinton ticket in ’12.

Protesters are setting up camp outside Mayor Bloomberg’s house (again).  Continue reading “Roundup: Stalking Governor Cuomo; Will Obama and Hillary Join Forces?”

Mitt Takes Manhattan

mitt romney waldorf Mitt Takes Manhattan
Mitt Romney (Getty)

Republican Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan today fundraising for his campaign. The Observer stopped by the hotel where we chatted with former New York Stock Exchange chairman and CEO Dick Grasso and got shoved away from Mr. Romney’s Suburban. Continue reading “Mitt Takes Manhattan”