After Public Drubbing on SOPA and PIPA, Schumer, Gillibrand Hit ‘Command Z’

coverrough After Public Drubbing on SOPA and PIPA, Schumer, Gillibrand Hit Command ZOne Friday earlier this month, Andrew Rasiej, the chairman of NY Tech Meetup and an old-school Internet evangelist, sent out an email to the 20,000 members of the group asking them to do something most had never even considered before: close their laptops, leave their coworking spaces, put their iPads down (but not—god no!—their smart phones, essential to live tweeting) and pick up a picket sign.

“The future of the NY tech community is in jeopardy,” the email read. “We are writing to call you to an Emergency NY Tech Meetup in New York on January 18 so that we can publicly demonstrate our collective dismay at the unprecedented attack currently being made on the Internet and our industry.” Continue reading “After Public Drubbing on SOPA and PIPA, Schumer, Gillibrand Hit ‘Command Z’”

Schumer: Reports of Al-Megrahi’s Demise Might Be Greatly Exaggerated [Updated]

schumer scowl Schumer: Reports of Al Megrahis Demise Might Be Greatly Exaggerated [Updated]Senator Charles Schumer is casting doubt on reports that Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi is on his death bed in a Libyan compound.

Schumer has long called for the extradition of al-Megrahi, after the convicted terrorists was issued a compassionate release from a Scottish prison in 2009, on the premise that he only had a few months to live. Earlier this year, Schumer  suggested extraditing al-Megrahi would be a good way for the rebels to prove their goodwill to the rest of the world — a call he reiterated last week, as rebels were just beginning to take control of Tripoli. Continue reading “Schumer: Reports of Al-Megrahi’s Demise Might Be Greatly Exaggerated [Updated]”

Gillibrand for Weprin, On Entitlements

Last week, Chuck Schumer endorsed David Weprin for the senator’s old congressional seat in New York’s Ninth Congressional District. This morning, he was joined by the junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, who said she was backing Weprin to help protect entitlements.

“David Weprin is the right choice for voters because he will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security and work to get our economy back on track,” Gillibrand said in a statement.

“David understands that the key to protecting the middle class is to fight against the Republican efforts to privatize Medicare and Social Security. I’m proud to endorse David Weprin and I look forward to working with him on behalf of the working families and seniors who call Brooklyn and Queens home.” Continue reading “Gillibrand for Weprin, On Entitlements”

Schumer Endorses Weprin For His Old Seat

Senator Charles Schumer officially endorsed David Weprin’s campaign in the Ninth Congressional District today.

“It is vital we preserve Medicare and Social Security, and the only candidate for Congress who will do that is David Weprin,” said Senator Schumer, invoking the Democratic talking points that helped them win an upset. Continue reading “Schumer Endorses Weprin For His Old Seat”

Schumer's Weekend: Pokes Romney and Palin, Prods White House

117106901 e1313410157529 Schumer's Weekend: Pokes Romney and Palin, Prods White HouseOn Saturday, Senator Charles Schumer emailed his supporters with a link to Mitt Romney responding to hecklers in Iowa by saying “corporations are people, my friend.”

Schumer’s email — which said the video “has to be seen to be believed” — was part of an all-out push by Democrats to capitalize on Romney’s comments. In Iowa, the DNC rushed out an ad with the video, and bought a block of ads across Iowa.

“This video is so important because it so clearly shows the contrast between Democrats and Republicans,” Schumer wrote in the email. Continue reading “Schumer's Weekend: Pokes Romney and Palin, Prods White House”

Schumer: Reid's Plan 'Only Viable Solution'

Senator Chuck Schumer cheered President Obama’s prime-time address to the American people tonight, in which the president said a group of House Republicans was unwilling to accept a compromise debt ceiling deal that would raise some revenues.

“The President placed the blame for this deadlock where it belongs—squarely on the shoulders of an extreme bloc within the House Republicans that refuses to compromise even one inch,” Schumer said in a statement emailed shortly after the speech. “As the President made clear, their approach will drive the U.S. economy over a cliff, and take millions of American families’ budgets with it.” Continue reading “Schumer: Reid's Plan 'Only Viable Solution'”

Schumer Endorses Simanowitz

simanowitz Schumer Endorses SimanowitzSenator Chuck Schumer is backing Michael Simanowitz in the special election to replace Queens Assemblymember Nettie Mayersohn, who retired in the spring.

“I am supporting Democrat Michael Simanowitz for Assembly because he will be a powerful voice for seniors, students and all the taxpayers of Queens,” said Senator Schumer in a statement. “We need fighters in Albany and Michael will never stop fighting for our families.” Continue reading “Schumer Endorses Simanowitz”