Rubén Díaz Claims Bookies Are Taking Bets on Who Will be Indicted in Albany

Senator Díaz. (Photo: NYS Senate)
Senator Díaz. (Photo: NYS Senate)

If you’re a gambling man, you might try guessing which New York politician will be arrested for corruption next.

So wrote State Senator Rubén Díaz in his latest “What You Should Know” missive, where he claims bets are being placed on who in Albany will be the next to be indicted. As corruption charges rock Albany, Mr. Díaz says the state capital is now an “ambulatory casino.” Continue reading “Rubén Díaz Claims Bookies Are Taking Bets on Who Will be Indicted in Albany”

Diaz Sr. Compares Cuomo to Caesar’s Wife

caesars wife Diaz Sr. Compares Cuomo to Caesars Wife
Caesar’s Wife Pompeia (Photo: Wikimedia)

State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., infamous for sending out somewhat odd “What You Should Know” statements, has another one out this afternoon, and it’s a good one.

For example, the statement, which is about The New York Timesreport that Governor Cuomo solicited casino contributions for an independent group that advocates on his behalf at the same time he was pushing for casino legalization in the state, references Caesar, feces, and “some kind of celestial beings” before the first paragraph is through.

It can be viewed below:

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Markowitz Pitches ‘Coney Island Boardwalk Empire’

marty markowitz fb Markowitz Pitches Coney Island Boardwalk Empire
Marty Markowitz (Photo: Facebook)

At last night’s State of the Borough address, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz took some time to reiterate his call for a new casino in the Coney Island neighborhood.

“I’m not talking about turning Coney Island into Atlantic City, that’s not what I’m not suggesting,” he said, before pivoting into one of his many jokes of the evening. “Although I look forward to setting my DVR to recording the smash HBO drama Coney Island Boardwalk Empire.”

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