Cuomo Critic Launches Cartoon Series Featuring ‘Governor Cuomocchio’

cuomo cartoon

Critics to the left of Gov. Andrew Cuomo are ratcheting up their attacks with a new cartoon series portraying him as the Pinocchio-inspired “Governor Cuomocchio.”

The series, which is being launched by the advocacy group EffectiveNY, “will highlight Governor Cuomo’s propensity for stretching the truth and his record of failing to deliver on big promises,” according to a press release set to go out later this afternoon. Continue reading “Cuomo Critic Launches Cartoon Series Featuring ‘Governor Cuomocchio’”

Dean Skelos Responds to Cuomo’s State of the State

(Photo: Facebook)
(Photo: Facebook)

As liberals rejoiced over the parts of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address that promised tougher gun laws and campaign finance reform, the State Senate’s Republican Leader Dean Skelos released a video hinting at a legislative battle to come when he said he would not support the public financing of campaigns.

“I do not support taxpayer dollars to fund political campaigns,” Mr. Skelos said after explaining that Republicans did back increasing “transparency” and “accountability” in the campaign process. “If the public campaign finance system in New York City was applied statewide and to legislative campaigns, it would cost taxpayers more than 200 million dollars. That’s money that would be much better spent on property tax relief or investing more money in rural upstate school districts and underperforming school districts around the state.”

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Diane Savino Discusses Campaign Finance, Diversity and Who She Won’t Work With

Diane Savino (Photo:
Diane Savino (Photo:

Governor Andrew Cuomo has made it absolutely clear that the new Senate leadership coalition between the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference and and the Republicans will draw his ire if they do not support certain items on his agenda. Yesterday, we noted that it seemed the IDC and the governor might not be seeing eye-to-eye on one of the item on the governor’s “litmus test” for the coalition, campaign finance reform. Last night, we received a call from one of the five IDC members, State Senator Diane Savino, seeking to clarify the conference’s position on the issue. She also discussed the IDC’s goal, the racial controversies that have dogged the group and revealed the one person she’s not sure she’d allow to join the conference.

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Occupy Organizers Say NYPD Targeted and Arrested Key Leaders Before Anniversary Protest

152206595 Occupy Organizers Say NYPD Targeted and Arrested Key Leaders Before Anniversary Protest
Police arresting Occupy Wall Street protesters during Monday’s anniversary demonstrations. (Photo: Getty)

According to multiple people who have been involved with planning and executing Occupy Wall Street protests the New York City Police Department targeted key organizers for arrests in advance of Monday’s Occupy anniversary demonstrations. These arrests may have prevented the movement from, for the first time, presenting a focused, single message at the center of the protests. Continue reading “Occupy Organizers Say NYPD Targeted and Arrested Key Leaders Before Anniversary Protest”

‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Imam to Help Push for Campaign Finance Reform

104045903 Ground Zero Mosque Imam to Help Push for Campaign Finance Reform
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (Photo: Getty)

Common Cause New York and the New York Society for Ethical Culture are teaming up to co-host a panel discussion among religious leaders on campaign finance reform next week, and one of the names headlining the event is a notable one indeed: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Imam Rauf, named one of Time Magazine‘s 100 most influential people in the world, is perhaps best known as being a key figure behind the controversial Cordoba Initiative, which opponents labeled the “Ground Zero Mosque.”

According to an announcement email for the forum, the event “will focus on a wide variety of religious perspectives, and seek to address the moral context of campaign finance reform.”

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