John Liu Refunds Tainted Campaign Contributions

City Comptroller John Liu. (
City Comptroller John Liu. (

City Comptroller John Liu refunded more than $14,000 worth of contributions implicated in the straw donor scheme that has overshadowed his campaign, new campaign filings show.

Mr. Liu, whose former treasurer and a fund-raiser were found guilty earlier this month on federal campaign finance fraud charges, returned 29 contributions, which ranged from $50 to $1,000, the filings show.

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Romney’s Bain Bucks: Execs At Mitt’s Old Company Have Given Nearly $2 Million To His Campaign

145114436 Romneys Bain Bucks: Execs At Mitts Old Company Have Given Nearly $2 Million To His Campaign
Mitt Romney on the campaign trail. (Photo: Getty)

In recent weeks, the Obama campaign has launched a relentless attack on Mitt Romney for his career with Bain Capital, the private equity firm he co-founded in 1984. President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and their campaign spokespeople have characterized Bain as a parasitic company that makes money through taking over and bankrupting other businesses. By targeting Bain Capital, the Obama campaign isn’t just attacking Mr. Romney’s past, they’re also demonizing a company that has consistently contributed to Mr. Romney’s campaign war chest. According to federal campaign finance reports, which include donations made up until the end of last month, Mr. Romney and the PACs supporting his campaign have received a total of $1,800,500 million in contributions from Bain employees. Continue reading “Romney’s Bain Bucks: Execs At Mitt’s Old Company Have Given Nearly $2 Million To His Campaign”

Eliot Spitzer’s Money Re-Enters Politics

eliot spitzer money Eliot Spitzers Money Re Enters Politics
Eliot Spitzer (Photo: Getty)

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer lost his job as a CNN host in last July, but apparently he still has money to burn. Since September, Mr. Spitzer has given donations to campaign committees for Councilman Mark Weprin, Michigan Congressman Sander Levin and Texas legislator Joaquin Castro.  Continue reading “Eliot Spitzer’s Money Re-Enters Politics”