Christine Quinn Pushes for Bloomberg-Style Crackdown on Happy Meals

Christine Quinn wants to crack down on kids' meals.
Christine Quinn today.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is following in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s health-crusading footsteps, announcing a new crackdown today–on kiddie meals.

Ms. Quinn said that, if she wins the mayor’s race, she wants to force chain restaurants that already post their calorie counts to set new restrictions on kids’ menus and happy meals, more in line with the standards the USDA sets for school lunches.

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Mayor Bloomberg Thinks Mississippi’s ‘Anti-Bloomberg Bill’ Is ‘Just Farce’


Earlier this week, lawmakers in Mississippi overwhelmingly passed an “anti-Bloomberg bill” to stop local communities from copying two of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s signature public health initiatives–limiting portion sizes or forcing restaurants to post calorie counts. Needless to say, Mr. Bloomberg was highly critical of the legislation when he was asked about the bill this morning in an interview on CBS.

“You know, Saturday Night Live couldn’t write this stuff,” Mr. Bloomberg exclaimed. “How can somebody try and pass a law that deliberately says we can’t improve the lives of our citizens? It’s just farce. Nobody would believe it if you wrote it in the book.”

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