Not All of Mitt Romney’s High School Classmates Think He Was a Bully

143997972 Not All of Mitt Romneys High School Classmates Think He Was a Bully
Mitt Romney (Photo: Getty)

The Washington Post may have found a bunch of former high school classmates of Mitt Romney’s who remember him bullying, pranking and giving forced haircuts to fellow students, but the Romney campaign dug up some others who have a different recollection of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. The campaign distributed a pair of statements from a pair of prep school chums who have positive memories of Mr. Romney this afternoon.

“Mitt never had a malicious bone in his body–trying to imply or characterize him as a bully is absurd,” said former Cranbrook Schools student John French in his statement distributed by the campaign. Continue reading “Not All of Mitt Romney’s High School Classmates Think He Was a Bully”

Mitt Romney’s History of Haircut Bullying

143671223 Mitt Romneys History of Haircut Bullying
Mitt Romney

A new story in the Washington Post describes a series of “troubling” incidents where Mitt Romney bullied and pranked classmates during his time at a tony Michigan prep school in the 1960’s including one story where he and a group of boys pinned down another student and cut his hair. This is now the second story to emerge of Mr. Romney giving someone a forced haircut.

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For Gay Rights, The Honeymoon Is Over

gay marriage protest For Gay Rights, The Honeymoon Is Over
Same-sex marriage supporters marching on Washington in 2009. (Photo: Getty)

On Sunday, as Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Chuck Schumer and over 400 other guests looked on, Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell married John Banta, his partner of over three decades. For Mr. O’Donnell, the wedding was the culmination of a more-than-four-year fight—which included numerous lawsuits and the introduction of five bills to the State Legislature—that finally resulted in same-sex marriage’s finally being legalized in New York last June.

“I began this battle when Eliot Spitzer was elected governor,” Mr. O’Donnell told The Observer. “I used to wake up every day thinking about how many votes I had or didn’t have. Now it’s like, what do I do now?” Continue reading “For Gay Rights, The Honeymoon Is Over”