Radio Show Callers Grill Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn. (Photo: Getty)
Christine Quinn. (Photo: Getty)

Council Speaker Christine Quinn went on WNYC this morning to make her pitch to voters, but the New Yorkers who called into the show were more interested in highlighting some of the biggest issues that have dogged her mayoral campaign.

Ms. Quinn was pressed repeatedly on her decision to extend term limits in 2009, which one caller, Susan from Greenwich Village, said had undermined democracy by overriding voter referendums.

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Christine Quinn Says ‘Establishment’ Label Is Totally Unfair

Christine Quinn. (Photo: Getty Images)
Christine Quinn. (Photo: Getty Images)

You can call Christine Quinn many things, but according to the City Council speaker, “establishment candidate” isn’t one of them.

In an interview with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer this morning, the host suggested she might be the most establishment-friendly Democrat in the mayor’s race, an argument Ms. Quinn promptly shot down as she insisted her progressive roots, in fact, run deep.

“I can’t tell you how unfair I think that is,” insisted Ms. Quinn. “If you look at the record of what I’ve done, it’s been about moving this city forward to make it a better place.”

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Joe Lhota Says Snowstorms and Storm Surges Won’t Be a Problem for Him

(Photo: Twitter/@JoeLhota4Mayor)
(Photo: Twitter /@JoeLhota4Mayor)

Joe Lhota isn’t worried about the weather.

In fact, the Republican mayoral contender said his experience in the Giuliani administration would help him better manage some of the worst natural disasters that have hit New York City in recent years, citing post-blizzard plowing needs and Hurricane Sandy’s crippling floodwaters in particular.

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Today in NY-9: Richard Lipsky, Brian Lehrer and The Obama Question

weprin rangel dickens Today in NY 9: Richard Lipsky, Brian Lehrer and The Obama QuestionThe day dawned on Brooklyn and Queens today with Republican Congressional nominee Bob Turner attacking his Democratic opponent, David Weprin, for taking money from disgraced lobbyist Richard Lipsky for his City Council and Comptroller campaigns.

“David Weprin knows Richard Lipsky is awaiting federal trial for bribery and he knows he took money from him, so it surprising that Mr. Weprin has not returned the cash,” said Turner campaign spokesman William O’Reilly. “New Yorkers have lost faith in local government because of the avalanche of corruption scandals, especially in Brooklyn. The Lipsky money, regardless of when it was given, is clearly tainted and it should have been returned.”

Lipsky is accused by federal prosecutors of bribing Richard Lipsky, and he has given $1,000 to two of Weprin’s previous campaigns.

Weprin meanwhile, spent the morning on the Brian Lehrer show where he said that the difference between him and Turner on the question of Israel–which has become one of the central questions of the race–were not that great.

“I don’t think we differ too much for our strength for the state of Israel,” he told the radio host. “But I think we have to really talk about the other issues where there’s really a major difference.”

But he stressed the difference between the two on issues like the debt ceiling measure that recently passed through Congress.

“[Turner] indicated that he would’ve voted for the bill, he also ruled out any form of taxation, which could result in significant cuts in the trillions of dollars if there is no revenue portion, I feel there’s room for taxation on oil companies, closing corporate loopholes, specifically companies that export jobs over seas can be taxed And I think there is room for a real millionaires tax.”

Weprin then traveled to Queens  where he received the endorsement of a host of female elected officials–women are a key base Democratic vote–including Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.

“Despite significant progress, there is still much work to be done to ensure women are treated with equality and respect, and as the father of two daughters, I am personally committed to building a country where all women have access to the tools to build a bright future,” Weprin said in a statement sent out by the campaign. “We all count on women, from our mothers to our elected officials and business leaders, so we all thrive when they succeed.”

It is worth noting as well that the campaign downplayed Weprin’s experience as an elected official. Previous campaigns have noted that he served in the City Council and as the finance chairman there, but after Turner spent yesterday attacking him on it, the Weprin campaign is going with a more issue oriented approach.

“As a candidate for Congress, David has promised to protect Medicare and Social Security, programs that have a disproportionate impact upon. Weprin’s opponent supports drastic cuts that would decimate these programs. ”

At the event, Weprin veered off message however when he was asked if he supports Barack Obama for re-election.

Weprin demurred.

“I’m running myself right now,” he said. “On Sept. 14, I’ll be happy to address the president’s election.”


Turner Hedges on Tax Pledge He Signed in 2010

Republican congressional candidate Bob Turner signaled a shift on his economic policies, moving away from a pledge he made last year to avoid raising taxes.

On the Brian Lehrer Show this morning, around the 16:30 mark, the WNYC host asked “So, you won’t sign the Grover Norquist ‘no new taxes under any circumstances’ pledge?”

Turner, who signed it in 2010, said: “Um, I would hate to part with Grover’s money, but it’s probably, I’m pretty close to that. Continue reading “Turner Hedges on Tax Pledge He Signed in 2010”

Bob Turner Has Been Reading Hayek, Not Briefing Books

zyftb Bob Turner Has Been Reading Hayek, Not Briefing BooksG.O.P. Congressional candidate told WNYCs’ Brian Lehrer this morning that he is currently reading F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, a dense philosophical treatise on libertarianism that has become a favorite of Glenn Beck and the Tea Party.

Asked by Lehrer what is the best book he has read over the past year, Turner said he wasn’t sure, but that he was currently reading Hayek.

“I am struggling through it,” he said. “I am not going to say it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read.”

Perhaps wrestling with Hayek has been keeping him from briefing books. Turner demurred on a number of policy questions that came up during the show. Continue reading “Bob Turner Has Been Reading Hayek, Not Briefing Books”