Two State Senators Rescind Their Micah Kellner Endorsements

A sheet touting Assemblyman Micah Kellner's council endorsements. Councilwoman Jessica Lappin's appears covered up.
Kellner campaign literature with Councilwoman Lappin’s name removed.
Assemblyman Micah Kellner’s campaign for Councilwoman Jessica Lappin’s Upper East Side seat just lost a few more supporters.

Joining Ms. Lappin, State Senators José Serrano and Brad Hoylman withdrew their support of Mr. Kellner following revelations that he had sexually harassed a former staffer.

“The news surrounding Assemblymember Micah Kellner is indeed troubling. In light of this news, I along with my colleague, Senator Brad Hoylman, will be rescinding our endorsements of Micah for the City Council seat he’s seeking,” Mr. Serrano said in an email to Politicker. Continue reading “Two State Senators Rescind Their Micah Kellner Endorsements”

Christine Quinn Really Doesn’t Want to Talk About Anthony Weiner

Quinn city Allatriste
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. (Photo: City Council/William Alatriste)

City Council Speaker and mayoral front-runner Christine Quinn doesn’t want to discuss the controversy surrounding her opponent Anthony Weiner’s reaction to a homophobic slur–no matter how many times she’s asked.

“No comment,” said Ms. Quinn’s campaign spokesman when asked for Ms. Quinn’s response to a statement sent by two of her supporters–Assemblywoman Deborah Glick and State Senator Brad Hoylman–in response to an interaction reported today by The Washington Post.

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State Legislators Slam Anthony Weiner’s ‘Lack of Moral Courage’

Anthony Weiner at city's 2009 LGBT Pride parade. (Photo: Thomas Good / NLN)
Anthony Weiner. (Photo: Thomas Good / NLN)

Two state legislators are accusing former Congressman Anthony Weiner of displaying a “lack of moral courage” in the face of what they slammed as a “homophobic, misogynistic slur” made by a voter referring to their chosen candidate: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. And they want him to apologize.

The offense occurred in The Washington Post, which published a lengthy story Thursday on the mayor’s race that included this scene that described Mr. Weiner’s interaction with a voter on the campaign trail:
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There’s a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?

state senate map cover Theres a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?
A map of New York City’s State Senate districts.

It’s Election Day in New York next Thursday! But instead of a titanic battle between ideologies–your Mitt Romneys vs. Barack Obamas, if you will–the options on the ballot will be little-noticed state legislative contests between candidates of the same party, often with few policy differences.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some exciting races happening. From “Who Gets Arrested for Raping a Grandmother?” to “Assemblywoman Caught Up in Sex Scandal with Two Young Men,” there’s been no shortage of nasty drama and mud slinging as voters head to the polls.

Here’s a breakdown of who’s running and why it might matter who wins. The list below focuses on Democratic races because the few Republican primaries in this staunchly blue city tend to have clear favorites or are taking place in such Democratic territory that the victor is reasonably likely to be irrelevant. Continue reading “There’s a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?”

Hoylman Continues Amassing Establishment Support

high res hoylman1 Hoylman Continues Amassing Establishment Support
(Photo: Hoylman campaign)

Brad Holyman, a community board chair and candidate for retiring Manhattan State Senator Tom Duane’s seat this year, has not only received the backing of Mr. Duane, but today announced the support of multiple influential council members inside and outside of the district: Christine Quinn, Dan Garodnick, Margaret Chin, Rosie Mendez, Jessica Lappin, Danny Dromm and Jimmy Van Bramer.

“Brad is the kind of progressive reformer our City needs in Albany,” Ms. Quinn declared in a statement released this morning. “He has a proven record on the issues that matter most to this City and is a true fighter on the issues that matter most to New Yorkers.”

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New Candidates for Duane’s District Emerge As Johnson Endorses Hoylman [Update]

tom duane fb New Candidates for Duanes District Emerge As Johnson Endorses Hoylman [Update]
Tom Duane (Photo: Wikimedia)

Developments have continued to roll in for the race to replace retiring State Senator Tom Duane this week.

First, Corey Johnson, a Manhattan community board chair who was previously considering campaigning for the seat, announced that will forgo a campaign and instead endorse the establishment favorite Brad Hoylman, the chair of a neighboring community board.

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Brad Hoylman Makes It Official

brad hoylman fb1 Brad Hoylman Makes It Official
Brad Hoylman (Photo: Facebook)

It’s no surprise, but Brad Hoylman, the Chairperson of Community Board 2 in Greenwich Village, is formally a candidate for the State Senate district that Tom Duane is vacating this year.

“It’s official: I am running to be the next state senator,” Mr. Hoylman wrote in an email to supporters today.

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