Anthony Weiner Explodes at ‘Jackass’ Voter in Brooklyn

Anthony Weiner and a Boro Park man engage in a shouting match earlier today.
Anthony Weiner and a Boro Park man engage in a shouting match earlier today.

Anthony Weiner, known to spar with the occasional heckler, got into his biggest shouting match to date today.

After an Orthodox Jewish man called Mr. Weiner a “scumbag” as he was leaving a Boro Park bakery, the mayoral hopeful furiously spun around to confront the voter.

“Very nice, very nice, in front of kids. That’s a charming guy right there,” Mr. Weiner, chewing on cookies, uttered during one of several campaign stops on a visit to the neighborhood on the eve of the Jewish New Year.

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Bill Thompson Gets Some Blessings Before the Jewish New Year

Bill Thompson confers with Williamsburg rabbis.
Bill Thompson confers with Williamsburg rabbis.

As a yarmulke-wearing Bill Thompson showed on a muggy Monday night, the road to victory in the mayor’s race may be partially paved by men with frock coats and billowing beards.

The ex-comptroller met with some influential rabbis to earn their blessings and, more importantly, the votes they potentially carry. Nibbling on rugelach and sipping alcohol, Mr. Thompson schmoozed with five leaders from various religious sects spanning Williamsburg and Boro Park, where burgeoning Orthodox Jewish populations are looking to make a dent in next Tuesday’s election.

For much of the rest of the week, Hasidic rabbis will be praying during Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, making the night a unique opportunity for Mr. Thompson as the September 10 Democratic primary looms just one week away.

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Eliot Spitzer Says He Did ‘Great Things’ With Vito Lopez

Vito Lopez. (Art by Brian Taylor)
Vito Lopez. (Art by Brian Taylor)

After being forced to resigned after a lurid sexual harassment scandal that tarnished powerful Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver, now-City Council candidate Vito Lopez has become the leper of the Democratic establishment, shunned by formerly loyal supporters and castigated in the harshest terms.

But ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who is locked in an increasingly negative race for comptroller, stands out as the rare candidate willing to offer a few kind words.

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Lhota Says Catsimatidis Ads ‘Piss Me Off’

The three GOP mayoral candidates at tonight's debate.
John Catsimatidis, Joe Lhota and George McDonald at tonight’s debate.

Tell us how you really feel, Joe Lhota.

The former MTA chair joined his fellow Republican candidates at a mostly-genial mayoral forum tonight, where they lobbed bombs at common enemies like their Democratic rivals and agreed on virtually all policy fronts. But the good will ended when rival John Catsimatidis said he “liked” Mr. Lhota while declaring himself the most viable contender in the race.

“You don’t show it,” Mr. Lhota groused, pointing to the flood of negative advertising recently launched by the billionaire businessman’s campaign. “You sure spend a lot of money to piss me off.”

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De Blasio Brandishes Boro Park Roots in Bid to Win Orthodox Jewish Votes

Bill de Blasio posing for a photo next to his trash can.
Bill de Blasio next to his trash can.

It’s good to be back home, or at least in your former City Council district.

Bill de Blasio took his mayoral campaign down a busy business strip in the heart of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community this afternoon, where he was warmly received as he hugged babies, schmoozed with voters and listened to the concerns of small business owners.

And along the way, he frequently pointed out that he used to represent a sizable slice of the Boro Park neighborhood before he was elected public advocate in 2009.

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Bill de Blasio Insists He’s Very Decisive

de blasio boro park
Bill de Blasio at his Brooklyn campaign stop today.

Bill de Blasio says he’s decisive, no matter what the The New York Times may say to the contrary.

This morning, the paper of record ran a front-page story examining the mayoral candidate’s leadership style through the lens of how he managed Hillary Clinton’s U.S. Senate campaign and walked away somewhat unimpressed. Mr. de Blasio was labeled “frequently indecisive” and sometimes “agonizingly inefficient in a high-pressure, ever-shifting situation,” among other criticism.

But at a campaign stop in the Boro Park neighborhood of Brooklyn today, Mr. de Blasio insisted this depiction was inaccurate.

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