Bobby Jindal: ‘I Almost Feel Sorry for the President’

bobby jindal floor Bobby Jindal: I Almost Feel Sorry for the President
Bobby Jindal on the media filing room floor.

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Like many prominent politicians in the United States right now, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is on the floor of the media filing room at Hofstra University, making the pitch for his side before the two presidential candidates go head-to-head tonight. For Mr. Jindal, a Republican, that also meant mocking President Barack Obama’s widely-panned performance in the first debate.

“I almost feel sorry for the president,” Mr. Jindal said.”Because the reality is I don’t care if you have the oratory skills of Winston Churchill, Presidents Reagan and Lincoln combined, he still wouldn’t be able to defend his record.”

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Bobby Jindal Calls Obama ‘Incompetent’

 Bobby Jindal Calls Obama Incompetent
Bobby Jindal (Photo: Facebook)

Louisiana governor and potential Mitt Romney running mate Bobby Jindal is campaigning for Mr. Romney in Iowa today and he also held a press conference call with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell where they slammed President Barack Obama’s “failed economic record” and “misplaced priorities.” Mr. Jindal began his remarks by slamming the president as “incompetent” and inexperienced.

“President Obama is the most liberal and incompetent president since Jimmy Carter was in the White House,” said Mr. Jindal. “The reality is, he’s a great speaker. Four years ago, he was here in Iowa promising hope and change, but the reality is, he’s never run anything including a lemonade stand, a business or a state before he was elected President of the United States.” Continue reading “Bobby Jindal Calls Obama ‘Incompetent’”

Matt Drudge Names Another Potential Romney Veep Pick

136569253 Matt Drudge Names Another Potential Romney Veep Pick
Tim Pawlenty campaigning with Mitt Romney in New Hampshire in January. (Photo: Getty)

Just four days after claiming Condoleezza Rice was the “frontrunner” in Mitt Romney’s veepstakes, the Drudge Report is claiming Mr. Romney has “made his decision” and decided on former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

The Drudge Report’s proprietor, Matt Drudge reportedly has a close relationship with Mr. Romney’s campaign manager Matt Rhoades. Mr. Drudge’s close connections to the Romney campaign make it possible he has some inside information about the vice presidential vetting process, but it has also led to speculation he may be trying to shift the conversation away from the continuing controversy over Mr. Romney’s departure from Bain Capital.

This time around, Mr. Drudge pegged his claim to a New York Times report that Mr. Romney is considering tapping Mr. Pawlenty. Officially, the Romney campaign is not commenting on the veepstakes rumors.

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