Cuomo Critic Launches Cartoon Series Featuring ‘Governor Cuomocchio’

cuomo cartoon

Critics to the left of Gov. Andrew Cuomo are ratcheting up their attacks with a new cartoon series portraying him as the Pinocchio-inspired “Governor Cuomocchio.”

The series, which is being launched by the advocacy group EffectiveNY, “will highlight Governor Cuomo’s propensity for stretching the truth and his record of failing to deliver on big promises,” according to a press release set to go out later this afternoon. Continue reading “Cuomo Critic Launches Cartoon Series Featuring ‘Governor Cuomocchio’”

Bill Samuels: Cuomo Has Lost His Chance for Greatness, Forever

 Bill Samuels: Cuomo Has Lost His Chance for Greatness, Forever
Governor Cuomo (Photo: Wikimedia)

Earlier today, good government advocate Bill Samuels took the rhetorical hammer to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s record over his middle-of-the-night compromise legislation on redistricting reform this week.

“I think it’s a historically terrible thing for the history of our state,” he began his interview with The Capitol Pressroom‘s Susan Arbetter.

“To the extent our governor had a chance to be a great governor, when history is written, that opportunity is gone forever,” he continued. “It’s only a question of whether maybe he can go down in history maybe as a mediocre governor.”

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Roundup: Carl Kruger's Day In Court; Robots Want Hillary to Run Again

State Senator Carl Kruger will appear in Manhattan Federal Court tomorrow to discuss making a plea in the bribery case against him.

Someone is making mysterious robocalls in support of an effort to draft Hillary Clinton to enter the presidential race.

Councilwoman Tish James knew the woman who was burned alive in Brooklyn this weekend and has set up a fund to help her family afford a funeral.  Continue reading “Roundup: Carl Kruger's Day In Court; Robots Want Hillary to Run Again”

Citing Gustavo Rivera, Bill Samuels Endorses Jesus Gonzalez

 Citing Gustavo Rivera, Bill Samuels Endorses Jesus GonzalezBill Samuels, the high-tech entrepreneur who started the reform-minded New Roosevelt Initiative last year to aid insurgent candidates who could shake up Albany, announced this morning that he is endorsing Jesus Gonzalez in the highly-contested Assembly special election in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn.

“A vote for Gonzalez is a vote in favor of change and reform in Brooklyn and beyond,” Samuels said. “If we can mobilize voters on behalf of candidates such as Gonzalez, it will mark an encouraging sign for young reformers throughout this city, who want to take on the entrenched and corrupt political system and change it for the better.” Continue reading “Citing Gustavo Rivera, Bill Samuels Endorses Jesus Gonzalez”

The Sheinkopf Primaries

A little more about my item where surrogates (Bill Samuels and Hank Sheinkopf) for likely 2013 candidates (Bill de Blasio and Anthony Weiner) were sparring.

In my item, Samuels launched the attack, calling Weiner “too shrill” overall, and his opposition to non-partisan redistricting “ridiculous.” Sheinkopf came to Weiner’s defense, calling Samuels out of touch and “the guy with the silver spoon.”

It’s an interesting position for Sheinkopf, who worked for Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign that pushed Weiner out of the race.

Page Six asked Sheinkopf if he’s working for Weiner.

“I never discuss what I’m doing. I presume I’ll be employed,” he told them.

De Blasio Backer Trashes Weiner: ‘Too Shrill,’ ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘We Need a Calm Voice’ [Updated]

billsamuels rdc De Blasio Backer Trashes Weiner: Too Shrill, Ridiculous, We Need a Calm Voice [Updated]
photo credit: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

The wealthy Democratic donor who was once the finance chairman for the New York State Democratic Campaign Committee, Bill Samuels, said he’s backing Bill de Blasio for mayor because, despite de Blasio’s long ties to organized labor, he is actually a lot more amenable to the business community than people realize.

Samuels also said one of the other leading mayoral candidates, Congressman Anthony Weiner, is “too shrill” and is taking a “ridiculous” and “outrageous” stance against independent redistricting of legislative lines. Continue reading “De Blasio Backer Trashes Weiner: ‘Too Shrill,’ ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘We Need a Calm Voice’ [Updated]”