Mitt Romney’s Son Defends His Stay-At-Home Mom

 Mitt Romneys Son Defends His Stay At Home Mom
Ben Romney (Photo: University of Utah School of Medicine)

Ben Romney, the thirtysomething son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, weighed in on the ongoing controversy surrounding his mother, Ann Romney, by writing a Facebook note in her defense early this morning. Ben refuted Democratic pundit Hilary Rosen’s charge Ms. Romney “never worked a day in her life” by describing her “demanding” work raising him and his five brothers.

“Growing up, we never had a nanny or a ‘mommy’s helper.’ Never went to daycare,” Ben wrote. “I was just one out of five, but always felt like I was the most important thing in her life. For my Mom to raise us 5 boys, the way she did, was, in my mind, the most demanding – and hopefully rewarding – work she could have done.” Continue reading “Mitt Romney’s Son Defends His Stay-At-Home Mom”