Stringer Surrogates Slam Spitzer for Not Releasing Tax Returns

Eliot Spitzer. (Photo: Getty)
Eliot Spitzer. (Photo: Getty)

In a sign of increasing aggression from his campaign, two supporters of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer trashed his rival in the comptroller’s race, ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, both for self-funding his bid and failing to release his tax returns.

“It’s really shocking that someone who made their reputation as a fighter for transparency and ethics in government now seems to believe he can be cynical about the same goals and get away with it,” said Councilman Brad Lander. “New Yorkers have to wonder, what is Mr. Spitzer hiding?”

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Romney Launches Bain Counterattack at RNC

romney sterling Romney Launches Bain Counterattack at RNC

Mitt Romney launched a major counteroffensive against the Obama campaign’s persistent attacks on his record at the private equity firm Bain Capital today. Not only did he unveil to tout his private-sector achievements, but tonight’s schedule at the Republican National Convention is loaded up with Bain-related events. Continue reading “Romney Launches Bain Counterattack at RNC”

Romney Campaign Says Team Obama Has ‘Hit A New Low’

146344791 Romney Campaign Says Team Obama Has Hit A New Low
President Obama (Photo: Getty)

According to Mitt Romney’s campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, “this week, the Obama campaign hit a new low.” In an email to supporters, Mr. Rhoades said the Obama campaign hit bottom with an ad run by the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action that featured Joe Soptic, a steelworker whose wife died without health insurance after he was laid off from a company owned by Bain Capital. Multiple members of President Barack Obama’s campaign staff subsequently claimed not to have any knowledge of Mr. Soptic’s story in spite of the fact he previously was featured in a campaign commercial and conference call.

“This week, the Obama campaign hit a new low. Obama allies released a desperate and dishonest ad that tried to falsely link Mitt to a family tragedy. As if the disgusting and disgraceful ad wasn’t enough, President Obama’s top campaign advisers repeatedly lied, claiming they had no knowledge about the content of the ad,” Mr. Rhoades wrote.

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Herman Cain: ‘Being Rich Is Cool’

herman cain getty Herman Cain: Being Rich Is Cool
Hermain Cain (Photo: Getty)

Pizza magnate, former GOP presidential candidate and poet Herman Cain sent avery special email to his supporters explaining how excellent it is to be rich.” The missive was prompted by President Barack Obama’s now infamous “you didn’t build that” line, which has become a favorite target of conservatives. Mr. Cain argued the remark and the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mr. Romney’s tax returns and evolving story of his exit from Bain Capital as proof the president has a “disdain for the rich.”

“He doesn’t like you having all that money (unless you contribute it to his campaign), and he really doesn’t like you taking credit for having earned it,” wrote Mr. Cain.

As far as Mr. Cain is concerned, that argument neglects just how very awesome it is to have a lot of cash.

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Bloomberg On Bain And The Negativity Dominating The Presidential Campaign

bloomberg getty1 Bloomberg On Bain And The Negativity Dominating The Presidential Campaign
Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)

At Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s press conference this morning for the groundbreaking of the Sugar Hill Affordable Housing Development The Politicker asked him for his take on the controversy over Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and his refusal to release more than two years of his tax returns. Initially, Mayor Bloomberg, who, like Mr. Romney, came to politics from the business world, said he wanted to stay out of the controversy.

“You have a right to raise any questions and I’ll leave national politics to national politics,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “You know, everybody’s got to deal with their own things. Government is different than the private sector. It’s hard to explain some things. What is in his tax returns? I don’t know. But ask him, not me. If you want to put it out you do, if you don’t, you don’t and you deal with what the public has to make a decision.”

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Mitt Romney’s Shifting Bain Story

148153948 Mitt Romneys Shifting Bain Story
Mitt Romney on stage at the NAACP Convention. (Photo: Getty)

Back in 2002 when he was running for Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney and his aides had no problem admitting he retained his position as CEO of Bain Capital after 1999. Press articles from the time describe how Mr. Romney was on a “leave of absence” after 1999 and had not fully cut ties with the private equity firm.

Now that he’s running for president, Team Romney has repeatedly said he left the company after 1999, a claim that was called into question by yesterday’s Boston Globe report revealing Mr. Romney signed documents identifying him as chief executive and chairman of Bain Capital as late as 2002. Mr. Romney being on a “leave of absence” would explain the discrepancy and it doesn’t mean he played any role in managing the company, however, according to at least one former Bain Capital executive, during a prior leave of absence, Mr. Romney still remained in a very active role with the company.

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Romney Campaign Uses President Obama’s Words Against Him

146344791 Romney Campaign Uses President Obamas Words Against Him
President Obama (Photo: Getty)

In the wake of relentless attacks from the Obama campaign on Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and his overseas assets, the Romney campaign released a new television adentitled “What Happened?” featuring footage of President Obama as a candidate four years ago criticizing negative campaigning.

“Four years ago, Candidate Obama spoke out against using ‘stale tactics to scare voters.’ Today, his plan to ‘destroy Romney’ includes dishonest attacks that he hopes will distract voters from his broken promises,” the Romney campaign said in a statement on the ad. Continue reading “Romney Campaign Uses President Obama’s Words Against Him”