Mayor Bloomberg Unveils Gun Site Investigation in Washington Shooting’s Wake

The mayor at today's press conference. (Photo: YouTube/mayorbloomberg)
The mayor at today’s press conference. (Photo: YouTube/mayorbloomberg)

In the aftermath of Monday’s mass shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C., Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making yet another push for tougher gun purchase background checks.

“We don’t have all the facts about the shooter,” Mr. Bloomberg said at press conference today at City Hall, “but what we do know [is] what happened this week has happened before–and sadly it looks like it will happen again until we get serious about this issue of just too many guns around.”

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Bloomberg Chides Harry Reid for Poor Multitasking Skills

(Photo: Getty)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg. (Photo: Getty Images)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg chided Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this morning after the lawmaker acknowledged Senate Democrats have abandoned their efforts to pass new legislation expanding background checks for gun purchases this year.

Mr. Reid reportedly told a pro-gun-control group this week that the legislation, which was proposed in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, would be placed on the back-burner as Congress shifts its focus to budget battles.

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Bloomberg Decries Death of Background Check Bill in Senate

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

The U.S. Senate voted down a bipartisan deal to expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales today, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn’t happy.

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Biden and Bloomberg Team Up to Again Pressure Congress on Guns

Joe Biden at City Hall. (photo:
Joe Biden at City Hall. (photo:

As the U.S. Congress debates gun control legislation, two of the countries’ leading advocates on the issue–Vice President Joe Biden and Mayor Michael Bloomberg–held a City Hall press conference today to pressure federal lawmakers to have enough “courage” to vote in favor of the bill when it hits the floor. Standing behind victims’ family members from last year’s massacre at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school, Mr. Biden and Mr. Bloomberg argued the measures being proposed are neither controversial or unconstitutional.

“There’s not one single thing being proposed–not one, not one , not one, not one–that infringes on anyone’s Second Amendment constitutional right. Not one,” Mr. Biden said. “Three months ago, a deranged man walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School with a weapon of war. That’s what he walked in with–a weapon of war. That weapon of war has no place on American streets and taking it off American streets has no impact on one’s constitutional right to own a weapon.”

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