Morning Read: Bloomberg Travels The Globe; Manhattan Will Be Gambling-Free Zone

Mayor Bloomberg is visiting Singapore and Vietnam next week to “deliver a lecture on urban sustainability and deliver awards on behalf of his philanthropic foundation.” He is technically remaining in control of the city during his Asian trip.

Manhattan won’t get a casino if the Legislature’s plan to open seven commercial gambling facilities goes through this year.

Governor Andrew Cuomo on this week’s night of dealmaking and pre-dawn votes in The New York Times: “I failed. I failed. … “My legislative proposals were asking for the moon.”

The Post scores Governor Cuomo had a night of “legislative wins.” “I think legislators heard the message, and I think at the end of the day, the legislators did the right thing.” Continue reading “Morning Read: Bloomberg Travels The Globe; Manhattan Will Be Gambling-Free Zone”

Roundup: Stalking Governor Cuomo; Will Obama and Hillary Join Forces?

Governor Cuomo’s trip to the North Country included coffee runs and a Price Chopper shopping spree.

Former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich predicts an Obama/Clinton ticket in ’12.

Protesters are setting up camp outside Mayor Bloomberg’s house (again).  Continue reading “Roundup: Stalking Governor Cuomo; Will Obama and Hillary Join Forces?”

North Korea Mourns Kim Jong-il

kimjongildead North Korea Mourns Kim Jong il
Kim Jong Il (Getty)

A series of reports published yesterday by the Korean Central News Agency, a propagandist media outlet run by the repressive North Korean regime, shed light on the official response to the death of the country’s “Dear Leader,” Kim Jong-il. According to KCNA, North Koreans reacted to the passing of their beloved despot Saturday night by weeping profusely and uniting around Mr. Kim’s chosen successor, his twentysomething son Kim Jong-un.

His demise is the greatest loss to the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Korean revolution at the historic period when a landmark phase is opened for building a thriving socialist nation,” one KCNA report read. “The grief-stricken Korean people are, however, renewing their pledge to remain true to the leadership of Kim Jong-un by overcoming their sorrow and displaying fresh strength and courage.”

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North Korea Reports on U.S. Dissatisfaction With “The Wall Street”

kim jong ill occupy the wall street North Korea Reports on U.S. Dissatisfaction With The Wall Street
North Korean leader Kim Jong Il (Getty)

KCNA, the official state news agency of North Korea, has another report out on the Occupy Wall Street protest movement describing polls that show “vast majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the Wall Street.”  Continue reading “North Korea Reports on U.S. Dissatisfaction With “The Wall Street””