Michael Grimm Has Had It Up to Here With President Obama

Congressman Grimm is not pleased. (Photo: Facebook)
Congressman Grimm is not pleased. (Photo: Facebook)

As President Barack Obama’s opponents pile on in the aftermath of multiple recent controversies–notably his reaction to the Benghazi attacks, revelations that the Internal Revenue Service focused on conservative-aligned nonprofits and the Justice Department’s unprecedented snooping on press communications–one local congressman wants it to be known that he is also not pleased.

To wit, Republican Rep. Michael Grimm, who represents Staten Island and southern Brooklyn, released a lengthy statement this afternoon blasting Mr. Obama for “bringing Chicago-style politics to the White House.” This style of underhanded rule, Mr. Grimm said, has resulted in a presidency that is “the most secretive, deceptive, and divisive we’ve seen in modern times.”

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‘Hope’ Poster Artist Sentenced to Two Years Probation

399px barack obama hope poster Hope Poster Artist Sentenced to Two Years Probation
(Photo: Wikimedia)

Shepard Fairey, the Los Angeles designer who created the famous poster of then-Senator Barack Obama next to the word “hope,” using an Associated Press photo as a base, was sentenced in a New York court earlier today as a result of AP’s litigation against him. He will face two years of probation and a $25,000 fine. Mr. Fairey had admitted that he tampered with evidence in his own legal efforts against the AP.

“In 2009, Fairey initiated litigation against the AP in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York seeking a declaration that the Obama works did not infringe the AP’s copyrights, and that his use of an AP photograph was protected by the “fair use” doctrine of copyright law,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara office explained in a press release. “In Fairey’s complaint, he alleged that he had used an AP photograph of then- Senator Obama and actor George Clooney taken at an April 2006 National Press Club event as a visual reference. This claim was untrue. In fact, he had used another image from the same event – a tightly cropped image of then-Senator Obama gazing up, which was also an AP photograph.”

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Roger Ailes Calls Jon Stewart ‘A Socialist’ And Says New York Times Is ‘A Cesspool of Bias’

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Fox News President Roger Ailes (Photo: Getty)

Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes gave a commencement speech at Ohio University yesterday in which he accused MSNBC, the AP and The New York Times of left wing bias and described Daily Show host Jon Stewart as a “socialist.” Media blogger Jim Romenesko compiled Tweets describing the content of the speech that were written by media lawyer Media lawyer and Harvard Law & Policy Review blogger Jonathan W. Peters, who witnessed the address and posted quotes from Mr. Ailes’ remarks.

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