WFP Endorses James Sanders, Andy King

working families party logo fb WFP Endorses James Sanders, Andy King
(Photo: Facebook)

The Working Parties Family rolled out duel endorsements this afternoon, and while neither is necessarily surprising, both candidates are undoubtedly happy to have the labor-backed coalition’s support.

The first endorsement went to Councilman James Sanders, who’s working to unseat State Senator Shirley Huntley in the Democratic primary only 9 days away. The deadline has passed for the WFP to officially put Mr. Sanders on their ballot line, but the backing is a nice validator as Ms. Huntley tries to keep her head above water since she was arrested on Monday of last week.

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Andy King Declares His Candidacy to Replace Seabrook in a Special

andy king fb Andy King Declares His Candidacy to Replace Seabrook in a Special
Andy King (Photo: Facebook)

Former Councilman Larry Seabrook was convicted of corruption earlier today, and pursuant to the rules governing the City Council, he was instantly removed from office. Just moments ago, Mayor Michael Bloomerg declared the special election’s date to replace Mr. Seabrook will coincide with the 2012 general election on November 6th — but that doesn’t mean candidates aren’t already stepping up.

Andy King, a former labor organizer with 1199SEIU, told us he definitely plans to run in this upcoming special election. Mr. King performed strongly running against Mr. Seabrook in 2009, taking in over 30% of the vote to the incumbent’s 55%, which, combined with his connections to labor, may make him one of the frontrunners for the seat.

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