Gounardes Campaign: Possibility Golden ‘Thinks Leave It to Beaver Is A New Reality Show’

beavertitlea Gounardes Campaign: Possibility Golden Thinks <em srcset=Leave It to Beaver Is A New Reality Show" width="300" height="223" />
(Photo: Wikimedia)

Earlier today, City & State reported on GOP State Senator Marty Golden’s somewhat antiquated-sounding seminar where female constituents can learn such subjects as, “The art of feminine presence. Sit, stand and walk like a model. Walk up and down a stair elegantly……and much more.”

And while Mr. Golden ultimately removed some of those phrases from his website, that didn’t stop his Democratic rival, attorney Andrew Gounardes, from pouncing.

“Tragically, this is Golden’s idea of the 21st Century woman,” Mr. Gounardes’ campaign manager Chris McCreight declared in a statement this morning. “This just goes to show that Marty Golden just doesn’t get it – either that or he lives in a cave and thinks Leave It to Beaver is a new reality show.”

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LGBT Raises for Gounardes

andrew gounardes fb LGBT Raises for Gounardes
Andrew Gounardes (Photo: Facebook)

Andrew Gounardes is taking his fundraising pitch to the LGBT community as he seeks to unseat Republican State Senator Marty Golden. At a reception tomorrow evening, Mr. Gounardes will notably be joined by four openly LGBT elected officials: State Senator Tom Duane, Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, Councilman Daniel Dromm, and Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer.

The event, also attended by Manhattan Borough President — and 2013 mayoral candidate — Scott Stringer, is even directly billed on Facebook as an “LGBT reception” and is jointly hosted with Brooklyn’s main LGBT club, Lambda Independent Democrats, so there’s little question as to the fundraising angle involved.

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Gounardes and Golden Tussle Over Redistricting

new 22 Gounardes and Golden Tussle Over Redistricting
Senator Golden's Proposed New District

The Democratic challenger for Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden, Andrew Gounardes, wrote him a letter yesterday on redistricting, taking particular issue with a recent New York Post story suggesting Republicans in the State Senate were attempting to hold Governor Andrew Cuomo’s agenda hostage over the redistricting issue.

“[I]t is so unfortunate that you and your Republican colleagues in the Senate have chosen to break the New York Uprising pledge that you signed just 18 months ago,” Mr. Gounardes wrote, attaching a copy of the pledge with the letter. “In that pledge, you swore to support an independent and non-partisan redistricting plan based on the 2010 Census. I was raised to believe that a person’s word is as good as their bond. With broken promises like this, why should voters take you at your word in the future?”

“I call on you to disavow the legislative threats of your colleagues and to recommit yourself to the pledge that you so recently signed,” he concluded.

Reached for a response, Mr. Golden’s campaign defended the redistricting process and expressed support for its outcome.

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Andrew Gounardes Declares for State Senate [Video]

andrew gounardes announces Andrew Gounardes Declares for State Senate [Video]
Andrew Gounardes announces his campaign

Andrew Gounardes, a 26-year-old attorney and official in the local Bay Ridge Democrats club, formally declared his candidacy to run against Brooklyn’s only Republican State Senator, Marty Golden, this afternoon.

“Our state government still lacks the accountability, transparency, and honesty that we deserve. And worst of all, some of the politicians we’ve elected to office and entrusted with our votes, aren’t doing much about it,” he said early in his speech.

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Marty Golden Raises Almost $400,000

marty golden facebook Marty Golden Raises Almost $400,000
Marty Golden (Photo: Facebook)

Republican State Senator Marty Golden proved that he’s no slouch when it comes to fundraising and reported yesterday that he’s raised $393,000 over the last six months with another $10,000 collected in additional receipts, a very substantial amount for a state legislative race. These numbers represent solid uptick in financial contributions to the Brooklyn State Senator, who collected $225,000 in the last six-month filing period.

Democrats are quick to point out that Senator Golden posted a relatively high burn rate, spending $175,000 of the contributions he took in. In addition to contributions to party committees, much of the spending largely appears to be for fundraising events at restaurants and other locations. Notably Senator Golden’s campaign spent $12,000 on events at the Bay Ridge Manor, something he’s been criticized for in the past as the property is a Golden family business.

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Andrew Gounardes Takes Exception to Marty Golden's Cuomo Criticism

gounardes Andrew Gounardes Takes Exception to Marty Golden's Cuomo Criticism
Andrew Gounardes (Photo: Facebook)

Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his formal State of the State speech, laying out a legislative agenda for the next year.  In response to that, Republican State Senator Marty Golden stated his disappointment with Governor Cuomo’s for not developing a full plan to address public safety and fraud. Now, his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gounardes, is criticizing Senator Golden’s criticism. Continue reading “Andrew Gounardes Takes Exception to Marty Golden's Cuomo Criticism”