Brooklyn Senate Candidates Square off in Contentious Debate [Video]

gounardes golden Brooklyn Senate Candidates Square off in Contentious Debate [Video]
The two candidates debate

GOP State Senator Marty Golden and his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gounardes, faced off in a debate before the Dyker Heights Civic Association last night. It was an aggressive clash with both candidates facing off in front of a packed crowd that cheered, clapped, booed and even hissed.

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Marty Golden Lands 1199 Endorsement

marty golden getty Marty Golden Lands 1199 Endorsement
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Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden may be a conservative Republican, but he can still rack up influential union endorsements as he campaigns for reelection against Democrat Andrew Gounardes. To wit, the 200,000 member union SEIU 1199 announced their endorsement of Mr. Golden this morning.

“He has written and passed many important pieces of legislation that have improved and protected the health and well-being of all New Yorkers,” Kevin Finnegan, 1199’s political director, said in a statement. Continue reading “Marty Golden Lands 1199 Endorsement”

Marty Golden Claims Extra Credit for Equal Pay Bill, Opponent Cries Foul

marty golden fb2 Marty Golden Claims Extra Credit for Equal Pay Bill, Opponent Cries Foul
Marty Golden (Photo: Facebook)

“In June, Beverly Neufeld, President of the New York Women’s Aenda and Director of the Equal Pay Coalition, called legislation that I co-sponsored, ‘…a welcome accomplishment for Equal Pay advocates and women across New York'” GOP State Senator Marty Golden wrote in a recent campaign mailing. “The Women’s Workforce Bill is now law and is the first piece of State legislation that acknowledges and addresses the gender wage gap. It will not be the last.”

However, in a press release provided by his campaign, Mr. Golden’s Democratic opponent Andrew Gounardes pointed out that Mr. Golden was not among the co-sponsors of the bill, which passed the State Senate unanimously. The statement connected the slight to the senator’s vote against the New York Fair Pay Act in 2011, and, of course, the now-infamous government mailer promoting a “feminine presence” class.

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Marty Golden Gets Teamsters

marty golden getty Marty Golden Gets Teamsters
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On the heels of Senator Marty Golden’s upset loss of the AFL-CIO endorsement yesterday, the Republican state senator is out with a prominent labor endorsement of his own: Teamsters Joint Council 16.

“Senator Golden has proven that he will fight for working families,” the union’s president, George Miranda, said in a statement. “In these tough times, we need leaders we can count on to fight for every job and opportunity possible. That’s why Teamsters Joint Council 16 is pleased to endorse State Senator Marty Golden for re-election. He is effective, forthright and diligent.”

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Marty Golden Parries on Gun Control While Andrew Gounardes Fires Back [Update X2]

andrew gounardes fb Marty Golden Parries on Gun Control While Andrew Gounardes Fires Back [Update X2]
Andrew Gounardes (Photo: Facebook)

State Senator Marty Golden unveiled new legislation this morning that would target those stashing “community guns” for others to use while avoiding carrying a gun for police to find traveling between locations. The move quickly earned the praise of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but Democrats are arguing that it is merely an attempt to shift the discussion away from a key issue that they have been steadily hammering him on for some time. Just two days ago, Senator Mike Gianaris, the head of the Senate Democrats’ campaign efforts, called Mr. Golden out on his lack of support for microstamping legislation while on Inside City Hall.

“Faced with mounting criticism over his poor record on actual gun safety, Golden is trying to deflect attention from his record and steal some headlines to create the illusion that he is tough on crime,” the press release declared, pointing to Mr. Gianaris’ recent package of gun control legislation as a more proactive solution.

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Marty Golden Posts Solid Fundraising Haul

marty golden facebook Marty Golden Posts Solid Fundraising Haul
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GOP State Senator Marty Golden has never struggled with fundraising, and facing his first serious challenger in years, continued to do so in his semiannual filing that just went online earlier this afternoon. Taking in $270,000 in contributions, Mr. Golden now has over $455,000 on hand as he aims to thwart Democrat Andrew Gounardes on Election Day.

“Senator Golden has given a lifetime of service to our community, through serving as a member of the NYPD, to leading the charge of small businesses, to serving in both the New York City Council and New York State Senate,”Jeffrey Kraus, Mr. Golden’s campaign manager, said in a statement posted a couple days ago on the senator’s website. “We are honored by the outpouring of support from seniors, moms, dads, and middle class families that have taken whatever they could and donated to our campaign.”

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Gounardes Campaign: We Will Not Let That Seminar Die

andrew gounardes fb2 Gounardes Campaign: We Will Not Let That Seminar Die
Andrew Gounardes (Photo: Facebook)

“I demand that Senator Golden apologize immediately – if only on behalf of my mother and sister,” Democratic State Senate candidate Andrew Gounardes declared in a press release earlier today.

Mr. Gounardes was referring to Mr. Golden’s now infamous “Feminine Presence” seminar that drew national attention last week due to its rather antiquated rhetoric in its prescriptions for female constituents (i.e. “Walk up and down a stair elegantly”). And although it was ultimately canceled, Mr. Gounardes is clearly not interested in letting the issue go away.

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