Two Republicans Battling to Challenge Alec Brook-Krasny

Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny. (Photo: Facebook)
Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny. (Photo: Facebook)

Two Republicans have emerged to challenge Brooklyn Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny. 

Stamatis Lilikakis, a Bay Ridge business owner and political newcomer, and Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum, a Republican district leader, are planning to face off in a Republican primary that insiders are calling another stage of a Brooklyn GOP civil war. Continue reading “Two Republicans Battling to Challenge Alec Brook-Krasny”

Democratic Chair Baffled by Party Disunity in Southern Brooklyn

Frank Seddio. (Photo: Facebook)
Frank Seddio. (Photo: Facebook)

The chairman of the Brooklyn Democratic Party was left scratching his head when Democratic officials endorsed a Russian media mogul write-in candidate over the party’s nominee in a City Council race yesterday.

Frank Seddio was almost as amused as he was bewildered by the decision, less than three weeks before Election Day. Continue reading “Democratic Chair Baffled by Party Disunity in Southern Brooklyn”

Missing Machines, Misinformation and Long Lines: Election Day Off to a Rocky Start in NYC

voting crown heights Missing Machines, Misinformation and Long Lines: Election Day Off to a Rocky Start in NYC
Voting in Crown Heights (Photo: @sarahljaffe)

“We have some other type of crisis here, partially organized by Hurricane Sandy, partially organized by the Board of Elections,” Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny told Politicker this morning, ticking off poll sites that did not receive machines until 8:04 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. respectively, over an hour after they were scheduled to open. “My question is, if they knew, if the Board of Elections knew yesterday this was the poll site that would be assigned today, were they sleeping this morning? It disenfranchises many people.”

We asked if there might be a possibility of a re-do election.

“That is a possibility, I think,” he answered, noting all of the Hurricane Sandy-induced chaos was in the Democratic parts of his district. “I have two parts of the district. Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, which is conservative, and Coney Island and Sea Gate, which is much more liberal, and I’m a Democrat….This is all becoming totally ridiculous. This is not about me, of course. This is about 40,000 voters losing the right to vote.”

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Photos: Sandy’s Aftermath in Coney Island

Coney Island, including its iconic amusement park and boardwalk, was hit incredibly hard by Hurricane Sandy along with the rest of Brooklyn’s southern coast. Politicker ventured into the area today, a journey that took us on sand-covered streets without working traffic lights, and saw broken rides and damage on Surf Avenue, which was flooded with waterthat reached a depth of at least four feet.  Continue reading “Photos: Sandy’s Aftermath in Coney Island”

Officials Protest NYT’s ‘Offensive’ and ‘Dangerous’ Depiction of Russians

photo1 Officials Protest NYTs Offensive and Dangerous Depiction of Russians
Assemblyman Cymbrowitz and Sate Senator Diane Savino

Elected officials in southern Brooklyn are putting The New York Times on notice.

At issue is an article about insurance fraud in Russian-speaking communities of Brooklyn where a law-enforcement official was quoted saying, “This is the Russian mind-set, and this is why it’s endemic in the system …. If you’re not scamming the system, if you’re not scamming the government, you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing — you’re looked upon as a patsy.”

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Local Neighborhood Rallies Against ‘Jersey Shore’ Knockoff ‘Brooklyn 11223’

vinnie gentile against brooklyn 11223 Local Neighborhood Rallies Against Jersey Shore Knockoff Brooklyn 11223
Councilman Gentile leading the protest against "Brooklyn 11223"

Elected officials and community members rallied against the upcoming reality show “Brooklyn 11223” this afternoon, lambasting the show as demeaning to women and calling on the Oxygen network to take it off the air.

Councilman Vinnie Gentile, who organized the event, told The Politicker the show “hit such a nerve in Bay Ridge and we had such a reaction from the locals that they wanted an avenue, a way, to speak out.”

And speak out they did. Carlo Scissura, representing Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, took the largest broadside to the network for hosting the show.

“What amazes me is the hypocrisy of this network. This is a network that brands itself as looking out for the interests of women, and yet they do something that completely disparages women, particularly Italian-American women,” he said, before calling for the community to rise up. “If the show’s filming in one of the restaurants, stop going there, period. If the show’s coming out here and they’re wrecking the streets or taking up parking spots, call the police.”

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