Bill de Blasio Blasts Alec Baldwin’s ‘Sad’ Anti-Gay Remarks

(Photo: Getty)
Alec Baldwin. (Photo: Getty)

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has no sympathy for one of his biggest fans.

Mr. de Blasio today said that actor Alec Baldwin deserved to be fired from his new MSNBC talk show for allegedly using “inappropriate” and “sad” anti-gay slurs–but left the door open for the often hot-headed actor to attend his inauguration. Continue reading “Bill de Blasio Blasts Alec Baldwin’s ‘Sad’ Anti-Gay Remarks”

Alec Baldwin Becomes Issue in Idaho Congressional Race

Alec Baldwin. (Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)
Alec Baldwin. (Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)

Actor Alec Baldwin, facing backlash over anti-gay remarks recently directed at a photographer, is now an attack line in Idaho politics.

Earlier this morning, the conservative group Club for Growth sent out a press release slamming GOP Congressman Mike Simpson as an “Alec Baldwin Republican” who is “more in touch with the values of Hollywood liberal Alec Baldwin than it is with the people of Idaho.” Continue reading “Alec Baldwin Becomes Issue in Idaho Congressional Race”

De Blasio Calls Lhota’s Latest Attack ‘Desperation’

Bill de Blasio at today's parade.
Bill de Blasio at today’s parade.

Mayoral front-runner Bill de Blasio accused his Republican opponent of lodging increasing “cheap” and desperate attacks today after Joe Lhota accused him of calling NYPD officers “lazy.”

“My opponent keeps going further and further afield and distorting the truth more and more,” said Mr. de Blasio, talking to reporters after a Columbus Day parade in Brooklyn. Continue reading “De Blasio Calls Lhota’s Latest Attack ‘Desperation’”

Bill de Blasio Still Not a Fan of Legalizing Marijuana

Bill de Blasio on actor Alec Baldwin's new talk show.
Bill de Blasio on Alec Baldwin’s new talk show.

High times won’t be coming to Bill de Blasio’s New York.

The front-running mayoral candidate refused to back the legalization of marijuana in New York City, despite repeated prodding from actor Alec Baldwin on the debut of his new show on MSNBC last night, which featured an hour-long sit-down with the candidate. Continue reading “Bill de Blasio Still Not a Fan of Legalizing Marijuana”

De Blasio Dodges Questions About Supporter Alec Baldwin’s Anti-Gay Rant [Update]

Mr. de Blasio speaking outside City Hall today, yet silent on Baldwin rant.
Mr. de Blasio speaking outside City Hall today.

Actor Alec Baldwin surprised the country last night by going on a profanity-laced Twitter rant against a Daily Mail reporter, which included physical threats and homophobic insults like “you toxic little queen.”

But given 14 hours to respond, the man Mr. Baldwin has endorsed in the mayor’s race, Bill de Blasio, has had nothing to offer but radio silence. Indeed, the city’s public advocate declined to comment on Mr. Baldwin–who is set to host a widely-touted fund-raising dinner on Mr. de Blasio’s behalf–in-person earlier today.

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Alec Baldwin Solicits Bill de Blasio Supporters for Campaign Cash

Baldwin invites you to dinner.
Alec Baldwin invites you to dinner. (Photo: Patrick McMullan)

This morning, Bill de Blasio’s campaign sent out an email blast offering New York City residents the chance to eat dinner with the mayoral candidate and the man who played 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy.

With a subject line that reads, “I’ll save you a seat,” actor Alec Baldwin–known as much for his angry outbursts as his acting–reaffirmed his support for Mr. de Blasio’s campaign. And taking a page from President Barack Obama’s presidential playbook, he announced that contributors who send $10, “or whatever you can afford,” would be entered into a lottery for two extra seats that are apparently vacant at Mr. Baldwin’s dining room table.

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Malcolm Smith Wades Into Alec Baldwin Controversy

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Having already conquered the rapper Lil Wayne for his alleged slights against New York City, State Senator Malcolm Smith is now calling for a boycott against actor Alec Baldwin until he seeks professional help. Mr. Smith made the call for Mr. Baldwin to be blacklisted following a New York Post story that claimed the 30 Rock star used racial slurs in a confrontation with one of the tabloid newspaper’s paparazzos.

‘’If these allegations are true, then no television network or film studio should hire the veteran actor until he seeks help,” Mr. Smith said in a statement. “In today’s modern age it’s a disgrace that people still use remarks that provide hatred to others based on race, religion or origin.”

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