Cuomo Pushes House to Make Vote on Sandy Aid ‘A Slam Dunk’

Governor Andrew Cuomo (Photo: Getty)
Governor Andrew Cuomo. (Photo: Getty)

Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a statement this afternoon urging the House of Representatives to quickly approve the White House-backed $60.4 billion Hurricane Sandy supplemental aid package. The Senate is expected to vote on the recovery funds today, and Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he is optimistic it will be approved. Getting approval for the aid package from the GOP majority in the House, however, is expected to be more difficult. In his statement, Governor Cuomo urged the House to clear the funds without extended debate.

“The members of the House will be in Washington this weekend and, while a fiscal cliff deal remains elusive, passing the Sandy aid package should not be a matter impacted, much less stalled, by the same partisan contention or parliamentary process,” the governor said. “Our demonstrated need and the House’s past precedent should make this vote a slam dunk.” Continue reading “Cuomo Pushes House to Make Vote on Sandy Aid ‘A Slam Dunk’”

Mayor Bloomberg to Huddle With Top Congressional Leaders

bloomberg getty2 Mayor Bloomberg to Huddle With Top Congressional Leaders
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Mayor Michael Bloomberg just released his public schedule for tomorrow, and it’s a doozy. Throughout the day, the mayor is set to meet with over a half-dozen members of the country’s congressional leadership, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Also on the list is former presidential candidate John McCain, a couple moderate Republicans and a press conference with New York’s two senators on the city’s request for billions of dollars in federal aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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Governor Says Sandy’s Economic Costs Projected to Be ‘Up to $6 billion’

empty street getty Governor Says Sandys Economic Costs Projected to Be Up to $6 billion
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Hurricane Sandy, which wreaked havoc on good portions of New York State, clearly won’t be cheap to clean up, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has avoided giving a specific number to the costs.

In a letter to President Barack Obama requesting maximum compensation from the federal government, however, Mr. Cuomo said the loss of economic activity alone in the state would yield “up to $6 billion in lost economic revenue in the greater metropolitan area and the State due to the severe disruption of business in the world’s leading financial hub and the largest port on the northeastern seaboard.” Continue reading “Governor Says Sandy’s Economic Costs Projected to Be ‘Up to $6 billion’”