How GQ Misrepresented Marco Rubio’s Rap IQ

156645317 How <em>GQ</em> Misrepresented Marco Rubios Rap IQ
Marco Rubio (Photo: Getty)

This month’s issue of GQ features an interview with Florida Senator Marco Rubio in which he talks about his favorite rap songs. When the interview went live online last week, many people took note of Mr. Rubio’s rap knowledge, but Politicker couldn’t help but notice he appeared to mistakenly describe hip hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa as a member of the rap group Public Enemy. However, after reading the print version of the issue it is clear that the discrepancy was caused by an edit made by the magazine and not any rap errors made by Mr. Rubio.   Continue reading “How GQ Misrepresented Marco Rubio’s Rap IQ”