Herman Cain Is Taking ‘9-9-9’ To Tokyo

herman cain cpac Herman Cain Is Taking 9 9 9 To Tokyo
Herman Cain on stage at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. (Photo: Getty)

WASHINGTON — Herman Cain is exporting his “9-9-9 Plan” to the Land of the Rising Sun, but the Japanese version of Mr. Cain’s tax plan won’t be based on the number nine.

“It’s going to be 7-7-7 in Japan, because it’s revenue neutral,” Mr. Cain’s chief of staff, Mark Block, told The Politicker yesterday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

In Japanese, “7-7-7” would be translated as either “Shichi-Shichi-Shichi” or “Nana-Nana-Nana.”

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Herman Cain Does The Math: ‘We Outnumber The Stupid People’

herman cain assessing Herman Cain Does The Math: We Outnumber The Stupid People
Herman Cain (Photo: Getty)

WASHINGTON — Herman Cain, erstwhile Republican frontrunner, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and godfather of the “9-9-9 Plan,” stuck to his numerical schtick in his speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference today. He began by reciting a series of dates from the timeline of the Revolutionary War to introduce the idea that “we need another revolution in this country” to combat myriad crises facing the country; “an economic crisis,” an “energy crisis,” an “illegal immigration crisis,” a “foggy foreign policy crisis,” a “moral crisis” and “the biggest crisis we have” a “severe deficiency of leadership crisis.”

“We must outsmart the liberals. We must outsmart the stupid people that are trying to ruin America,” Mr. Cain said. “We outnumber the stupid people. Trust me, I counted them.”

Mr. Cain hewed to his numerical theme throughout his remarks including when he explained the “two reasons” he dropped out of the race after his series of sex scandals.

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Herman Cain Presents: '9-9-9 The Movie' [Video]

9 9 9 the movie Herman Cain Presents: '9 9 9 The Movie' [Video]
A still from Herman Cain's cinematic masterpiece. (Photo: Youtube)

Herman Cain spent the last month dealing with sex scandals and an embarrassing interview performance, but the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO is ready to get back to discussing his favored topic–the “9-9-9” tax plan. Yesterday, the Cain campaign released “9-9-9 The Movie,” a six minute video touting the plan’s purported power to slay a slew of fearsome enemies including nefarious bureaucrats, a president on the class warpath and the monstrous federal tax code.  Continue reading “Herman Cain Presents: '9-9-9 The Movie' [Video]”

Herman Cain Talks Up ‘9-9-9’ Tax Plan and Avoids Addressing Harassment Allegations

herman cain 9 9 9 Herman Cain Talks Up 9 9 9 Tax Plan and Avoids Addressing Harassment Allegations
Herman Cain (Getty)

This morning, Herman Cain appeared at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. to discuss his favorite topic; his “9-9-9” tax plan. Though the conversation focused on fiscal issues, it was impossible to entirely avoid the elephant in the room–allegations which surfaced in Politico Sunday that Mr. Cain made inappropriate advances toward two women while head of the National Restaurant Association in the late 90’s.

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