Mayor Bloomberg Dismisses Latest Criticism of Big Beverage Ban

(Photo: Getty)
Only stores will carry these. (Photo: Getty)

Over the weekend, the New York Post chronicled some of the more unexpected side effects of the city’s upcoming ban on large soda cup sizes at restaurants, including an end to 2-liter soda bottles with pizza deliveries. Although the Post‘s pizza-loving interviewees were dismayed by the rule, Mayor Michael Bloomberg strongly defended the beverage ban during a press conference today.

“When it comes to the pizza parlor, they cannot deliver more than 16 ounces in any one container. So if you want 32 ounces, they’ll deliver 2,” Mr. Bloomberg said, proceeding to tweak his questioner–the Post‘s David Seifman–over an earlier inquiry about the mayor’s new education initiative. “If you want 64 ounces, I’ll see whether your mathematical skills as a liberal arts major [are] adequate to be able to do that when I read your article.”

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