Nan Hayworth Faces Two Front War of Words on Payroll Tax

 Nan Hayworth Faces Two Front War of Words on Payroll Tax
Matt Alexander (Photo:

Earlier today, Rich Becker, a Democrat hoping to unseat Congresswoman Nan Hayworth in the 19th District next year, blasted her rejection of the payroll tax bill passed by the Senate as “extremism at its ugliest.” Now, Matt Alexander, Mr. Becker’s challenger in the Democratic primary, is joining in on the pileup. In an email sent to supporters, Mr. Alexander accused Congresswoman Hayworth of looking out for the interests of businesses rather than middle class families.

“You might have heard that the Senate passed a bipartisan deal to extend the payroll tax cut for middle class workers. This is a smart move, designed to help working families in a struggling economy. But the Tea Party members in the House, including Nan Hayworth, moved to block this sensible tax cut over the weekend,” Mr. Alexander wrote. “Even some of her Republican colleagues called the Boehner-Hayworth move ‘irresponsible,’ ‘wrong,’ and ‘jeopardizing the livelihoods of millions of Americans.'”

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