Multiple Pols Arrested at LaGuardia Labor Protest

Congressman Charlie Rangel, before his arrest.
Congressman Charlie Rangel, before his arrest.

Police arrested New York Congressman Charles Rangel and 29 others, including City Councilmen Ritchie Torres and Antonio Reynoso, at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day-themed labor protest at LaGuardia Airport this afternoon.

The representatives had joined airport workers from the building workers’ union SEIU 32BJ as they gathered outside the airport to demand greater protections, including increased wages, health benefits, paid sick days, and the right to a paid holiday on Martin Luther King Day. In an act of intentional civil disobedience, the protesters staged a sit-in across the 94th Street bridge to LaGuardia, blocking traffic to and from the airport. Continue reading “Multiple Pols Arrested at LaGuardia Labor Protest”

Anthony Weiner Gets Professorial on ‘Big Thought Thursday’

Anthony Weiner delivering his speech.
Anthony Weiner delivering his speech.

In the first major policy speech of his campaign for mayor, Anthony Weiner was all business.

Standing next to a projected PowerPoint presentation laden with images of a financial charts and graphs, the normally-wisecracking-candidate-turned-staid-professor laid out his plan to overhaul the city’s health care system, including establishing a “single payer laboratory.”

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Alec Baldwin Solicits Bill de Blasio Supporters for Campaign Cash

Baldwin invites you to dinner.
Alec Baldwin invites you to dinner. (Photo: Patrick McMullan)

This morning, Bill de Blasio’s campaign sent out an email blast offering New York City residents the chance to eat dinner with the mayoral candidate and the man who played 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy.

With a subject line that reads, “I’ll save you a seat,” actor Alec Baldwin–known as much for his angry outbursts as his acting–reaffirmed his support for Mr. de Blasio’s campaign. And taking a page from President Barack Obama’s presidential playbook, he announced that contributors who send $10, “or whatever you can afford,” would be entered into a lottery for two extra seats that are apparently vacant at Mr. Baldwin’s dining room table.

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