Schneiderman: J.P. Morgan’s $2 Billion Loss Shows Need for ‘Substantial Re-Regulation’

eric schneiderman msnbc Schneiderman: J.P. Morgans $2 Billion Loss Shows Need for Substantial Re Regulation
Eric Schneiderman (Photo: MSNBC)

Today’s sudden revelation that J.P. Morgan lost $2 billion†had a lot of mouths hanging open, and while the detail’s of the company’s wagers gone wrong aren’t all present, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman argued on MSNBC that the case demonstrates the need of strengthening financial regulations.

“People talk about principles,” Mr. Schneiderman said. “There’s one principle: Unregulated markets always crash. Unregulated markets always produce massive losses on risky bets.”

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Romney Opens Big Lead Over Obama In New Poll

romney vs obama may 11 2012 300x225 Romney Opens Big Lead Over Obama In New Poll
A graph showing Mitt Romney's rise in the polls. (Photo:

Things do not look good for President Barack Obama based on the newest Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking poll, which shows Mitt Romney with 50 percent of the vote compared to the president’s 43 percent. This is Mr. Romney’s first time hitting the 50 percent mark and his largest lead to date.  Continue reading “Romney Opens Big Lead Over Obama In New Poll”

Evergreen Chou Is in This Race Too

evergreen chou Evergreen Chou Is in This Race Too
(Photo: Evergreen Chou for Congress)

Good government groups and Asian-American advocacy organizations are going to be hosting a candidate forum in a week and a half for New York’s 6th Congressional District, and one name on the flier stands out a little: Green Party candidate Evergreen Chou.

While his candidacy itself has already been well-established, Mr. Chou stands out in some other ways. For example, the lead line on the profile on his campaign website states, “Evergreen is an OX for the People, a phrase that symbolized a honest politician.” Another unique part reads, “Evergreen and his wife DayStar, have been married for 23 years.”

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President Obama: Ballin’ In Hollywood

142610270 President Obama: Ballin In Hollywood
President Obama playing basketball at the White House Easter Egg Roll last month. (Photo: Getty)
While in California this morning, President Barack Obama played a game of basketball this morning with members of his staff and some A-Listers including George Clooney and Tobey Maguire, according to the White House press pool. President Obama spent the night in Beverly Hills after the star studded fundraiser Mr. Clooney hosted for him last night. Continue reading “President Obama: Ballin’ In Hollywood”

Crowley Rebukes House Dems On NYPD Surveillance Vote

crowley 11 2010 150x150 Crowley Rebukes House Dems On NYPD Surveillance VoteYesterday, most of New York’s delegation in the House of Representatives backed a measure that would have rebuked the New York Police Department for their Muslim surveillance program by blocking federal spending on police programs that violate the Constitution.

The measure brought howls of protest from conservatives and from Long Island Rep. Peter King, and it ultimately went down to defeat.

This morning, Liz Crowley, a City Councilwoman from Queens who is running for the Congressional seat formerly held by Gary Ackerman sent out a statement saying that she opposed her would-be Democratic colleagues’ efforts.

“Withholding federal funding from our police department because our cops have done their jobs is wrong,” Ms. Crowley said. “The NYPD has acted lawfully to protect New Yorkers from very real terrorist threats. Voting for this measure frustrates the NYPD’s efforts to keep us safe.  We need to work on expanding funding for the NYPD in a dangerous world, not cutting it off.” Continue reading “Crowley Rebukes House Dems On NYPD Surveillance Vote”

Will One of Those 10,000 Citi Bikes Be on Your Block? DOT Unveils Preliminary Bike Share Map

Despite nascent fears of out-of-control teens and flying Dutchmen, New Yorkers are eagerly awaiting the city’s bike share program according to a new Quinnipiac poll, which found that 64 percent of city dweller favor bike share compared to 30 percent opposed.

Now, Gothamites can find out if there will be a Citi Bike station on their corner, as the city’s Department of Transportation has just unveiled the preliminary map for its new 600-station, 10,000-bike strong bike sharing network.

The Observer cannot quite walk out our door and hop on one of the new bright blue rigs, but there is a station one block north and south of our offices, an arrangement that seems to be the norm for a system stretching from 60th Street to Atlantic Avenue. These bikes will be everywhere.

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Yetta Kurland Joins Texts From Hillary Meme After Obama Marriage Message

576589 349407111780028 128545747199500 892218 36820165 n 150x150 Yetta Kurland Joins Texts From Hillary Meme After Obama Marriage MessageLGBT activist and City Council candidate Yetta Kurland had a little fun on Facebook with the Texts from Hillary internet meme. 

Ms. Kurland is running for the seat currently held by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, after running a tough primary against her in 2009. Ms. Quinn is barred from seeking re-election due to term limits.

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