Video: De Blasio and Buscemi Train for the Inner Circle Show

Mayor Bill de Blasio training for the Inner Circle Show.
Bill de Blasio training for the Inner Circle Show.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is getting ready for his first Inner Circle Show with a little help from a celebrity friend.

Organizers released a parody video this morning featuring the mayor preparing for the annual charity roast with actor and campaign backer Steve Buscemi.

The video, produce by the PR firm Sunshine Sachs, shows the pair in a gym dressed in full 70s-style workout gear, with Mr. Buscemi staging an intervention.

“You are in crisis mode,” he tells the mayor, before proceeding through a series of exercises.

“It might be helpful if you think of yourself as an animal,” Mr. Buscemi advises at one point, before making Mr. de Blasio roar.

Later, Mr. de Blasio is shown performing with a ventriloquist dummy. “He eats pizza with a knife and fork. And they call me a dummy!” he jokes.

The annual show, which will be held this Saturday, features the mayor and members of the City Hall press corps performing skits and musical parodies. This year’s show is entitled “Stuck With de Bill.”

While Mayor Michael Bloomberg brought in the casts of Broadway musicals to sing and dance by his side, sources say that Mr. de Blasio will likely be going in a different direction, relying on comedians instead.

Watch the video here:

Full disclosure: The author is a member of the Inner Circle.

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