Greg Ball Doesn’t Care for Party Politics

Greg Ball speaking with Fred Dicker. (Photo: Twitter/@Ball4NY)
Greg Ball speaking with Fred Dicker. (Photo: Twitter/@Ball4NY)

GOP State Senator Greg Ball just doesn’t care for partisan politics.

“I don’t give a shit about party politics,” he explained in a radio interview this morning on Talk 1300 AM.

The comment came as Mr. Ball was answering a question from the show’s host, New York Post columnist Fred Dicker, on whether he planned to support Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s campaign against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo this year. Mr. Astorino, a Republican, formally declared his candidacy last week.

But Mr. Ball, an outspoken Hudson Valley lawmaker, was circumspect on whether he’d support his own party’s likely nominee and offered praise for the governor.

“You know what? We’ll see,” said Mr. Ball. “Gov. Cuomo, regardless of what people want to say, has been an extremely effective governor. And he’s a political animal. It’s going to be interesting to see these guys go after each other. I will say that Rob has been an awesome county executive, but we’ll see where it goes.”

Last week, the Staten Island Advance reported that State Senator Andy Lanza, a Republican representing one of the most conservative districts in New York, was considering endorsing Mr. Cuomo as well. “I have a very good relationship of working together with this governor,” Mr. Lanza told the paper. “I haven’t made a decision.” 

Mr. Dicker pressed Mr. Ball today on whether he’d really decline to support Mr. Astorino, prompting Mr. Ball’s line about party politics. (“Do me a favor, use different language on the radio,” requested Mr. Dicker in response. “Can I ask you to use proper language on the radio?”)

“Both parties, Democrat and Republican, are corrupt to the core. I don’t care at all about Republican politics, Democratic politics. I care about the individual and gettin’ the job done. And I’ll give you an example: Right now we’re working on legislation for service to disabled veterans and this governor has been extremely helpful on that,” continued Mr. Ball.

“I don’t care about party politics,” Mr. Ball reiterated, “and I never have.”

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