Video: Bill de Blasio Taunts Son After Toboggan Victory

Dante de Blasio and Bill de Blasio after their third go down the slide.
Dante de Blasio and Bill de Blasio after their third go down the slide.

Mayor Bill de Blasio repeatedly slid down the “Super Bowl Toboggan Run” today to celebrate tomorrow’s big game. But what the mayor was really excited about was beating his son, Dante, down the slide one try.

“Score one for the older generation! Victory for the parents!” he declared, throwing some smack talk at his son’s famous afro. “You got nothing! You got nothing! You got height and youth and hair, but you got nothing else!”

He also beat Senator Chuck Schumer, who was there for the festivities along with the de Blasio family.

The mayor’s other trips down the toboggan run were less successful. (“I’m going to kill the mayor!” one slider exclaimed, coming down after Mr. de Blasio the first time). 

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Mr. de Blasio marveled at the gigantic contraption on Broadway and 41st Street as part of the “Super Bowl Boulevard.”

“It’s in the middle of Times Square!” he said. “You get up there and you feel like you’re in an amusement park. And you look out over Times Square, it’s absolutely amazing. It’s amazing … It’s been a magical few days. Hopefully someday we’ll get the Super Bowl back and do it again.”

As for the Super Bowl game itself, Mr. de Blasio insisted he won’t be rooting against the Denver Broncos simply because they beat his beloved New England Patriots in the AFC championship.

“No man,” he told Politicker. “My family has a long connection to Seattle. I love the town. I love the team.”

You can view the mayor’s first and third slides below. The third, which features the mayor’s celebration, appears first:

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