Senator Ball Terminates Staffer Responsible for Orca Plagiarism

An orca. (Photo: Valery Hache/Getty)
An orca. (Photo: Valery Hache/Getty)

After the Albany Times-Union reported today that one of State Senator Greg Ball’s legislative memos stole language from a 17-year-old student’s essay, Mr. Ball’s office says they terminated the employment of the unnamed staffer responsible.

“Since being notified, we have been reviewing all previous work done by the individual. Measures taken include terminating the employment of the employee responsible,” Colin Schmitt, Mr. Ball’s director of operations said in a statement this afternoon.

Addressing Casey Seiler, the reporter who broke the story, Mr. Schmitt added, “We have taken every appropriate action. Maybe Casey would prefer a public stoning, instead?”

The legislation in question would have banned killer whales from water parks and aquariums. The bill, however, would be “largely symbolic,” the Times-Union noted, as there “are no such attractions anywhere in the state that feature killer whales.”

After publishing the initial report, Mr. Seiler publicly identified another piece of legislation–addressing dogfighting–with seemingly poached language. Mr. Seiler told Politicker the “public stoning” statement came after he requested comment on additional issues of possible plagiarism.

Mr. Ball’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. However, Mr. Ball himself has been prolific on Twitter addressing the issue:

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