Nick Rizzo to Run for District Leader Post

Nick Rizzo. (Photo: Will Star)
Nick Rizzo. (Photo: Will Star)

Nick Rizzo, a Democratic activist and self-described “man about town” who has held jobs in both politics and media over the past few years, is running for the Williamsburg-based district leader post once held by Lincoln Restler.

Mr. Rizzo confirmed his intentions in a brief phone call Monday morning.

“I believe in making the Brooklyn Democratic Party more ‘small-d’ democratic,” he said. “The fact that my opponent is an incumbent for whom nobody in the 50th district voted–who was picked in a backroom process that is only now being reported–speaks volumes about the party’s need for transparency and reform.”

Chris Olechowski, who narrowly beat Mr. Restler in 2012, recently stepped down and Michael Cavaliere was named his replacement, a spokesman for the county Democratic organization told Politicker today. Mr. Cavaliere could not immediately be reached for comment. 

The district leader position is relatively obscure but this particular district has in recent years been the subject of two prominent races as Mr. Restler used the post as a platform to call for reforms to the allegedly “corrupt” county machine under ex-party boss Vito Lopez. 

“I’ve already been promised the support of a lot of the same people who supported Lincoln,” said Mr. Rizzo, who hopes to claim the mantle of the reform movement in the assembly district, which also contains a large Hasidic community.

Most recently Mr. Rizzo worked on Antonio Reynoso’s successful City Council campaign against Mr. Lopez.

(Disclosure: This reporter worked with Mr. Rizzo on a Brooklyn politics podcast series two years ago.)

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