Cuomo Launches Weekly ‘State of New York’ Video Series

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Photo: Getty).
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Photo: Getty).

It seems like the governor has gotten a little jealous of his TV star little brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo’s office today announced the launch of “The State of New York”–a Friday video series that recaps the state’s weekly news in video press release form.

The first episode, posted today, offers an upbeat review of a lessthancheery week, touting the federal government’s approval of Mr. Cuomo’s Medicaid waiver request, which will funnel nearly $8 billion back into state hospitals and health programs.

Also mentioned: Mr. Cuomo’s declaration of a state of emergency for the snow-pummeled South-East and New York luger Erin Hamlin scoring the state’s first medal (bronze) in Sochi.

The governor will release two videos every week: one long video (approximately four minutes) and a shorter cut for social media, a spokeswoman for his office said.

You can view the first one here:

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